It looks like WoW’s mount view on the PTR now features your character

A Reddit user has posted an image seeming to show a change to how you can view mounts in WoW

If you’ve ever been checking out a cool new mount in World of Warcraft but wondered whether it was the one for you without being able to see your character with it, you might be excited to hear that this could be about to change. It looks like the viewing screen for mounts on the WoW PTR now features your character too.

User Nerevar-Indoril has posted an image (which you can check out below) on the WoW subReddit revealing something new they’ve noticed – “viewing your mounts on the PTR now include[s] your character.” A screenshot shows a regal white Admiralty Stallion, one of the “few mounts allowed to embark on Kul Tiran ships”, but with the user’s character sat on top of it.

This will surely be a useful feature when you’re browsing for that perfect steed – or vehicle – ready to roam the planes of Azeroth, but want to make sure it matches your character in just the way you want. Some users in the comments have also suggested that it could help players to identify more easily whether their character clips through a particular mount’s mesh, as can be seen in Nerevar-Indoril’s image – their Worgen character’s leg just intersects the horse’s side a little.

However, some other users have suggested that the change might mean they can see the mount itself a little less easily, but this doesn’t appear to be too much of an issue in the screenshot – it’s just a bit of the horse’s saddle that’s obscured from view. Others have suggested that being able to toggle the feature on and off would be useful.

viewing your mounts on the PTR now include your character from r/wow

Given that the user has spotted the change on the game’s Public Test Realm it’s possible that it could see some changes if or when it makes it into the main game.

Elsewhere on the PTR, it looks like Hearthstone’s tavern is coming to WoW – a dataminer has spotted it, and hopefully it won’t be too long before you can pull up a pew and enjoy a brew in its cosy setting.