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Worrying WoW mount rumor finally addressed by Blizzard

Blizzard has confirmed that your high tier WoW mounts will not be added to the rotating Trading Post, ensuring they maintain their value.

Worrying WoW mount rumor finally addressed by Blizzard: A tanned orc creature sitting on a throne with huge wooden straps over his shoulders wearing no shirt and heavy armor

Following a datamine that hinted that the currently unobtainable Kor’Kron War Wolf had been assigned Trader’s Tender, in turn meaning it could be added to a future World of Warcraft Trading Post, Blizzard has confirmed that all high-tier mounts and rewards will not be added to the rotating store.

As spotted by Wowhead, Trader’s Tender was added to the Kor’Kron War Wolf as part of a recent World of Warcraft hotfix (likely the January 23 one). The Kor’Kron War Wolf is currently unobtainable, as you could only get it by completing the MMORPG‘s first ever Ahead of the Curve raid.

Ahead of the Curve and Cutting Edge achievements require you to defeat raid bosses on Heroic and Mythic respectively, but you need to do so before the next season or expansion release. The Siege of Orgrimmar raid – where the reigns of the Kor’Kron War Wolf used to drop – was added with Mists of Pandaria, and the mount was obtained by defeating Garrosh Hellscream as part of a ten or 25 player raid.

So, adding it to the Trading Post, Dragonflight’s rotating monthly stall, would heavily depreciated the mount’s worth, with Wowhead stating that it would “break a glass ceiling set in place for a decade now.”

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As you can imagine, this news didn’t exactly go down very well. One player, Basîl, was quick to flag the issue on the official WoW forums, offering alternative solutions like recolors to distinguish the new mount from the original. Blizzard community manager Randy ‘Kaivax’ Jordan, however, has issued a statement in response on Tuesday January 30, squashing concerns.

“At this time, we do not plan to offer mounts or other skill-based prestige rewards from achievements such as Cutting Edge or Ahead of the Curve or Gladiator in the Trading Post,” he states.

“We’re very excited about what’s coming to the Trading Post in February and beyond, as each month, we intend to offer fun new rewards and themed cosmetics. We’ll post a complete preview of everything coming in February soon.”

A blue comment from the World of Warcraft forums discussing which mounts will be in the trading post

As someone who values rare cosmetics, this is a bit of a ‘phew’ moment. While my library of rare mounts isn’t extensive, I worked for the ones I have, so to have them given out for in-game currency wouldn’t have felt great. Kudos, Blizzard, this is 100% the right call.

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