World of Warships closed beta has left port

World of Warships closed beta begins

Wargaming’s third child, World of Warships, has been kicked out of port, left to float on the sea of closed beta. The beta launched yesterday, and you can still sign up to command warships in battles across the oceans.

The closed beta contains four classes of warships, covering all the bases. “Cruisers are nimble vessels; the destroyers’ torpedoes are great for obliterating enemies; battleships are devastating heavy-hitters; aircraft carriers are unmatched in their reconnaissance and sneaky offensives,” says Wargaming.

Beta testers will be able to level up their crews, through their commander, learning new skills and modernisations that will enhance a vessel’s offensive and defensive capabilities.

Tim called World of Warships “quietly brilliant” when he previewed the game back in September. “You can sense just how carefully designed this game is in what Wargaming allow you to control, or, more accurately, what they don’t,” he wrote. “Players direct torpedoes manually – and they’re given a zone of probability as to where they will strike. Playing as a torpedo boat is just as fun as playing as a big destroyer or even aircraft carrier: you’re effectively playing as a shark, trying to use the cover of small islands to get into position before loosing off a barrage and slinking away.”