Gas Powered Games are no longer a PC-only studio


Victor Kislyi saved Gas Powered Games. Not a moment too soon, and perhaps a few too late, the Wargaming CEO stepped in to offer the onetime Supreme Commander developers a future, and the opportunity to rehire some of the staff founder Chris Taylor had been forced to let go during the disastrous Wildman Kickstarter campaign.

The match is a good’un – but under its new management, it seems GPG’s PC-only days are over.

“Free-to-play, which we are big advocates of, can be enjoyed on any hardware device,”’s Kislyi told GamesIndustry.

“The hardware cannot constrain the player from getting the experience. Obviously with [other recent Wargaming acquisition] Day 1, we would like to expand our multi-platform venture. We don’t have much experience working with consoles or mobile, but you should start one day. So we started with both Gas Powered and Day 1.”

Kislyi stressed to GamesIndustry that Wargaming isn’t entirely sure what the future holds for either studio – though Taylor himself has already mentioned a free-to-play, PvP-driven MMO.

“We are still doing experiments,” continued Kislyi. “It’s about selecting the most cool idea for the time being, seeing if it’s technologically possible, and then beginning prototyping and production. Nothing is clear, we recently acquired those two. We just think they are veteran teams making great games.

“We need to blend that with Wargaming’s free-to-play experience, financial muscle, publishing infrastructure, and the wisdom we have with how to monetize and how you’d rather not monetize,” he added.

Here’s the inside story of Chris Taylor’s fight to save Gas Powered Games. Be warned – it’s not easy reading.

Where would you like to see the good ship GPG MKII directed next, flanked as it now is by the full strength of Wargaming’s fleet?