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Seven years later, superb racing game blows up on Steam thanks to sale

Rally racing game WRC 7 has seen a massive Steam boost, as the game gets a big discount and players flock back to it in the thousands..

WRC 7 Steam sale: two people in a Red Bull rally car, with rain falling around them

Older games getting a new lease on life is always great to see, and rally racer WRC 7 is no exception. There are so many games on Steam that it’s incredibly easy for a release to be forgotten, but as soon as players have a reason to come back, be it a sale, update, or just some miraculous word of mouth, older games can be back in the forefront.

This is exactly what’s happened to WRC 7, as the racing game is back up the Steam charts after it launched in 2017. You can thank a 90% discount that’s still ongoing.

With player numbers typically struggling to get over 1,000 on Steam, WRC 7 suddenly jumped to a whopping 10,000 plus concurrents starting on Monday, February 26, and has been holding strong since. While the likes of RoboCop: Rogue City are in the sale, rally racer WRC 7 is one of the strongest performing games, with players coming back in droves to celebrate just how great it is.

In fact, recent Steam reviews are in the hundreds and sitting at an 80% rating of ‘very positive’, so people revisiting WRC 7 or coming to it for the first time are definitely loving it.

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You’ll find WRC 7 right here for 90% off until Sunday, March 10, so expect to pay $1.99 / £1.69 in the meantime.

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