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Hotline Miami reimagined as a destructive new FPS you can try now

One of the greatest games of all time, Hotline Miami is recast as a new FPS with totally destructible levels, and you can try it now.

Wreck Steam FPS game: A gunfight in Hotline Miami-style Steam FPS game Wreck

Hotline Miami sits alongside Doom, Half-Life, and Max Payne as one of the best shooters – if not best games, period – of all time. Dennaton’s hyper-violent, frantically paced blaster is a delirious descent into abstraction, post-modernity, and electronica. Now, a new FPS game takes the spirit and style of Hotline Miami, and combines it with completely destructible environments and a fresh take on twitch gunplay. The work of a solo developer, if you want to try it, there’s even a free demo available right now.

This is the suitably named Wreck, an upcoming FPS game where you play a former mercenary, ferociously determined to exact revenge on your former criminal bosses. That in itself sounds promisingly inspired by John Wick. Mechanically, however, Wreck plays like a mix of Hotline Miami and Battlefield. Battles are intense, lethal, and demand not just accuracy, but aggression and speed. If you burst into a room full of bad guys, expect to get lit up – like Hotline, you need to dodge and dance as you dish out death.

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But aside from reflexes, you have another weapon at your disposal. Like Battlefield, or maybe even Minecraft, given the shooter’s chunky, voxel look, you can destroy literally any part of the environment to create new paths and firing positions.

If you’re up against a locked door, and positive an ambush is waiting on the other side, step back, blow a hole in the brickwork, and surprise the waiting goons by sticking your gun through the wall. If you’re in a tight spot and need to make a rapid escape, punch out the plaster and tunnel to safety.

Created by solo developer Austin Zaman, Wreck is expected to launch during 2024. In the meantime, there’s a free demo that you can try right this second. Just head here.

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