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Wuthering Waves’ least loved aspect to be optional in a future update

Not all of Wuthering Waves has gone down well with fans with one aspect causing problems, so it’ll be made skippable in the future.

Wuthering Waves’ least loved aspect to be optional in a future update: A character from Wuthering Waves stands with a face of pure glee.

One of the wonderful things about gaming is how we all love different things. Some of us crave story rich experiences, others just want to get into the meat of the action. Many games allow us to alter our experiences to be more in line with what we want, something that’s enduringly wonderful. Wuthering Waves is doubling down on this customizability with an upcoming patch, letting players skip one of the game’s least loved features.

Generally Wuthering Waves has landed well with players applauding its crisp, tight combat. The action RPG has one area, however, that fans aren’t enjoying as much as the rest. One of the biggest complaints seen across social media and the game’s subreddit is in relation to how it handles its story. From players reporting lifeless characters to problems with unskippable dialog, it’s by far the biggest grumble with the title to date.

It appears developer Kuro Games is listening and has today announced a few upcoming updates and gameplay tweaks directly aimed at combating player feedback. The biggest of these is an overhaul of the existing skip feature, making it more prominent, and allowing platters to skip all dialog – should they so choose. The developer notes that skipping cutscenes won’t be possible due to technical restraints but everything else outside of it should be dismissible if you want to get right back to fighting.

In addition to story skip options, some updates are incoming for the game’s combat and controller scheme, hopefully tightening up the few issues players have with it. More content is incoming and the game will get continual optimization passes to ensure it runs smoothly on people’s systems.

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In recognition of some of the issues that have affected players, Kuro Games is offering a few bits of compensation. Ten Radiant Tides will be sent out to players on Saturday, May 25 and a Voucher of Reciprocal Tides will be in the mail on Sunday, May 26.The Radiant Tides will allow ten pulls on Character Event Convenes while the Voucher of Reciprocal Tides gives you a chance to get a 5-Star Standard Resonator.

If you want to check out the full statement you can do so over on the Wuthering Waves site. Should you be diving in for the first time, our guide to all current Wuthering Waves codes will get you started right, or you could check out our free PC games guide if you want something of a different flavor.

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