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WWE 2K20 became unplayable when we got to 2020

The wrestling game completely crashed when the clocks struck 12 on New Years Day

WWE 2K20. Just when we all thought the game was quietly humming along, the turn of the decade caused it to break for anyone trying to play it. Any mode, any setting, WWE 2K20 completely crashed.

The launch of WWE 2K20 last year was the height of games discussion and not all for the right reasons. The game launched with many hilarious glitches, which 2k promised to fix, and we thought that the story mode looked like PS2 game Bully. However, as soon as the clock struck 00:00 on January 1, 2020, the game broke entirely.

It seems that somewhere within the code, the change of date deeply disagreed with the game and so its only option was to crash and quit. During the downtime, players were advising one another to turn back the clock to 2019 on their platforms to make the game work once again. There is some joke to be made about a game called 2K20, not being 2020-compatible, but it’s too late, the game has now been fixed.

The 2K Support Twitter account tweeted that the issue had been resolved, and to fix your game you should restart WWE 2K20 to begin the patch download. When you open the game after its patch, you should find it all in working order once again.

If you’re one of the people who happened to purchase WWE 2K20, then congrats, you can play it again. We’ll just have to see if 2021 breaks it too.