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WWE 2K24 issue deletes people’s saves when they try to re-install DLC

A new WWE 2K24 issue blocks pre-order DLC, and then deletes your save when you try to reinstall it, causing problems in the sports game.

WWE 2K24 issue: Roman Reigns from sports game WWE 2K24

Saturday, March 9 PT: 1:30am 2K is now telling players the issue is resolved, saying you’ll need to fully exit and restart Steam to see it. 2K does add that if you chose to overwrite any saves, it cannot restore your lost progress.

As reported by a large number of players on Steam, and tested by PCGamesN, a new WWE 2K24 issue can result in your entire savegame being deleted when you attempt to reinstall pre-order DLC. Based on a variety of posts, complaints, and user reviews, in some instances, if you pre-purchased WWE 2K24 and received the Deluxe Edition Pack and Nightmare Family Pack, when you start the game, you will be greeted with an error message explaining that this DLC is not accessible, and asking if you would like to re-download the DLC. The message says that if you do not re-install the DLC, “the data will need to be rewritten in order to continue.” The message also says however that if you select “yes” then all your save data will be deleted.

Our WWE 2K24 review outlines the many strengths and sporadic weaknesses of the latest wrestling and sports game. A solid return for the series, WWE 2K24 improves on some of the best modes, while also attempting to remedy some of the quality-of-life issues that have been present in previous entries. Nevertheless, WWE 2K24 Steam players report that an issue regarding DLC is, in some instances, causing them to lose their entire savegame. PCGamesN has also experienced and encountered this problem.

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When confronted with the error message regarding missing DLC from the pre-order edition of WWE 2K24, you will be offered three prompts: “yes,” “no,” or “quit game.” Although the error message does explain that selecting ‘yes’ will result in the deletion of your save data, some players have fallen afoul of the problem.

WWE 2K24 DLC bug: An error message in wrestling and sports game WWE 2K24

“The downloadable content that you previously downloaded can’t be found,” the error message says. “Please re-download the following content: WWE 2K24 Deluxe Edition Pack. WWE 2K24 Nightmare Family Pack. If you do not re-download the content, then the data will need to be overwritten in order to continue. Would you like to continue? If you select ‘yes,’ all save data will be lost!”

“Just lost a lot of progress,” one WWE 2K24 player writes. “Lost all my progress,” another says. “I just can’t do everything all over again. I don’t even want to play any more.”

WWE 2K24 DLC bug: WWE 2K24 Steam comments

“Paid over $100 for them to remove two DLCs on release and now I have to fully restart the game,” a third player explains. “Otherwise good game.” PCGamesN has contacted 2K regarding this issue and will update this story with any comment or statement.

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