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WWE 2K24 codes April 2024 – all locker codes

All the active WWE 2K24 codes available to you to help you get the new wrestler cards, and other goodies to use in the MyFaction mode.

One of the first WWE 2K24 locker codes was for a Mattel toy version of John Cena. He is posing after a victory in a match.

April 19, 2024: We have checked that all the WWE 2K24 codes still work and none have expired. Added a note about the Hulk Hogan code.

What are the new WWE 2K24 locker codes? One of the many modes in WWE’s latest wrestling game is the returning MyFaction mode. For those who don’t know, this is a variant on the premium mode from other 2K sports games, where the aim is to build a faction of wrestlers to take on online challenges against AI or matches against other player-controlled teams.

These WWE 2K24 locker codes are specifically for the MyFaction mode, so if you’re looking for other WWE 2K24 unlockables, then we have a separate guide to help you get all the Wrestlemania arenas and MyRise unlockables, as well as the ability to play as all the WWE Legends. Instead, these WWE 2K24 codes work similarly to the NBA 2K24 locker codes, which tend to come and go quickly. If you don’t want to miss out, particularly if you have read our WWE 2K24 review, you can check out the newest ones below.

Active WWE 2K24 codes

Here are all the new WWE 2K24 locker codes:

  • WRESTLEMANIAXL – Cody Rhodes Superstar Series 1 Gold MyFaction Card (Rating: 68), Bailey Superstars Series 1 Silver MyFaction Card (Rating: 64).
  • YOURSTORY2K24 – “Elite” John Cena (Mattel) Emerald MyFaction card (Rating: 74) and 7,500 VC expires April 1, 2024 (this code may still be valid)
  • HEADOFTHETABLE – 2x MyFaction packs (Legends Series) + Roman Reigns Free Agent Sapphire (79) card.

There is also a promotion open exclusively to those in the United States for a Hulk Hogan MyFaction character. You’ll need to have purchased the Hulk Hogan Mattel action figure between April 4 and April 20, 2024, then submit a photo of the receipt with stars/checks by the item and date to the Legends 2K Redemption website. Upon sending the photo of the receipt, you’ll receive a unique code for the MyFaction Persona character that will only be redeemable once.

The location of the WWE 2K24 locker codes to unlock new characters for the MyFaction mode.

How to redeem WWE 2K24 codes

While you do need to be quick in redeeming the WWE 2K24 locker codes, the process of doing so is relatively quick and straightforward:

  • Open the game and go into the MyFaction menu.
  • Go to the “Locker Codes” section.
  • Enter any unredeemed code from the list above and click Enter. You’ll then receive news that there are new packs for you to open.
  • Scroll to the Store tab on the MyFaction menu.
  • Go to the Unopened Packs section to reveal your freebies.

If you preordered WWE 2K24 or bought one of either the Deluxe edition or the 40 Years of Wrestlemania edition, you don’t need to enter a code to get the MyFaction rewards. They will, however, show up as Unopened Packs, waiting for you to reveal them.

Where to find WWE 2K24 codes

Finding more WWE 2K24 locker codes is tricky, as just like with other 2K Games, the developer hardly ever posts any codes online, and, in the case of NBA 2K24, there are strict time frames on any distributions. We recommend you keep an eye on the @WWEgames Twitter/X account or the WWE 2K24 Facebook page to see if any appear.

We also recommend that you keep checking back here, as we’ll hopefully hear more about any future WWE 2K24 codes soon. While you’re here and we have your attention, you can check out some of the best fighting games available and our list of the upcoming PC games of 2024 and beyond.