Long War Studios release new perk, class and weapon mods for XCOM 2

XCOM 2 laser mod

Official XCOM 2 mod makers and community superheroes Long War Studios have released their latest mod pack for Firaxis hyper-successful and hyper-good anti-alien propaganda/tactical combat game. The latest pair of optional add-ons provide a new tier of laser weaponry, based on and inspired by the ones present in Enemy Unknown, along with a system redesign that adds a third perk option on every level-up and increases the total class count to seven.

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Here’s the details, first on the laser beams:

  • Adds a new laser tier of XCOM weaponry, which includes a new variant for the assault rifle, shotgun, cannon, sniper rifle, pistol and SMG, plus all attachments
  • Mod includes models, textures, particle effects and sounds
  • Tier exists between magnetic and beam tiers, with two new technologies

I both missed the red death-beam provider personally, and in my playthrough felt like there was something missing between those two tiers – the wait was long, and the power differential massive between the two.

Meanwhile, here’s what the perk pack gives:

  • Choice of three perks per promotion rank instead of two
  • More than 70 new and reworked Abilities that can be assigned to soldiers, gear or aliens
  • Reworks the four base classes into seven, including the assault, gunner and shinobi, or create your own class
  • Adds ten new PCS items, each granting a unique ability
  • Support for more than 15 active abilities in the tactical UI

More variety definitely appreciated. Between these two, the toolbox mod and the official DLC, it’s a whole new game versus what you played in February. Time for a replay soon, I think.