XCOM Chimera Squad release date, characters, and all the latest details

It may not be XCOM 3, but a new XCOM game is on its way

When is the XCOM Chimera Squad release date? There’s a new XCOM game on the way and you won’t have long to wait to get your hands on XCOM Chimera Squad, a standalone XCOM game set five years after the events of XCOM 2. The game will be a digital release on Steam this wkeek, where you’ll be able to play as both aliens, humans, and hybrids.

XCOM Chimera Squad is set in City 31, in a new peaceful world where aliens and humans work together after the defeat of Advent in XCOM 2. However, there’s a new threat. Not everyone is on board with coexisting and it’s your job to keep the peace and take down the underground group striving for chaos. You’ll get to form a more intimate squad, playing as the aliens that once plagued XCOM 2, including inflicting the annoying tongue grab that we once loathed so much.

Chimera Squad focuses on team composition and instead of expendable rookies, you can take on 11 agents, each with special abilities and motivations. Here’s when you can expect to play XCOM Chimera Squad and all the new features in the XCOM game releasing next week.

XCOM Chimera Squad release date

The XCOM Chimera Squad release date is April 24, 2020. Yes, it’s releasing Friday. The game will be available on Steam for $9.99 (£8.50) and will go up to the retail price of $19.99 (£16.99) on May 1.

XCOM Chimera Squad features

Breach Mode – A new combat phase that places squads in the heart of the action, to make you think more about agent positions to utilise their abilities.
Team composition – The introduction of agents to XCOM, fully fleshed-out characters that have special combos and complimentary classes when used together on the battlefield.
Interleaved turns – An automatic initiative system will place agents and enemies into an alternating turn order, creating more unpredictable actions and new strategic possibilities.

You’ll still have a HQ, where you can complete tasks, investigations, and carry out assignments – of course all set against a timer as the impending threat looms in City 31.

XCOM Chimera Squad characters

Never mind that you won’t be creating your own characters in Chimera Squad, as the cast of human and hybrid agents are brimming with plenty of their own charm. You may even be glad there’s no permadeath to wipe your favourites. There are 11 XCOM Chimera Squad characters revealed so far, here is a list of their names and roles:

  • Claymore – Demo Expert
  • Godmother – Ranger
  • Shelter – Psion
  • Zephyr – Hellion
  • Axiom – Breaker
  • Verge – Envoy
  • Blueblood – Gunslinger
  • Torgue – Inquisitor
  • Cherub – Warden
  • Patchwork – Operator
  • Terminal – Medic

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