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XDefiant Battle Pass sectors and rewards explained

There are plenty of rewards to earn while taking out enemies in multiplayer, so here's everything you can earn in the XDefiant Battle Pass.

Xdefiant battle pass explained

How does the Battle Pass work in XDefiant? While gunskill and teamwork will net you victories and kills in XDefiant, the Battle Pass will provide a huge amount of progression in the long term. Of course, before you purchase the reward track, you must know what cosmetics are included to decide whether it’s worth the investment. Luckily, we’ve got a full breakdown of the XDefiant Battle Pass, including information on every single sector.

While the XDefiant Battle Pass won’t directly affect your gameplay, such as having the best XDefiant loadouts or choosing the correct XDefiant factions for your playstyle, it’s always great to look good on the battlefield. So, read on to learn about all the XDefiant Battle Pass rewards, the price, and which weapon is included free of charge.

XDefiant Battle Pass: Instant reward sector with Anarchy Gia skin.

All XDefiant Battle Pass rewards

In total, there are 50 sectors in the XDefiant Battle Pass, which can be earned by racking up XP in multiplayer. Each sector includes a unique reward that’s either a weapon skin, faction character cosmetic, a player card, an animation, a gun, or a boost.

There are also 9 rewards that anyone can earn free of charge, so if you don’t want to purchase the reward track, there are still collectibles to work towards. Here’s a full breakdown of the entire XDefiant Battle Pass:

Unlock level Item Free/Premium
Instant Anarchy Gia skin Premium
Instant Anarchy ACR 6.8 skin Premium
Instant Battle Pass XP boost Premium
1 Eruption M4A1 skin Premium
2 Arc Rafa skin Premium
3 Weapon XP boost Premium
4 Cobalt M249 skin Premium
5 Cleaners player card Free
6 100 XCoins Premium
7 Anarchy Iselda skin Premium
8 Cold Steel D50 skin Premium
9 100 XCoins Premium
10 MDR Assault Rifle Free
11 Alpha Ruby Sebastian Skin Premium
12 Superhero Landing player animation Premium
13 Weapon XP boost Premium
14 Stars emoji pack Premium
15 Morganite MP5A2 skin Free
16 100 XCoins Premium
17 Shamrock MK20 SSR skin Premium
18 Battle Pass XP boost Premium
19 Dungaree Gia skin Premium
20 Up Top player animation Free
21 Lux P90 skin Premium
22 100 XCoins Premium
23 Hi-Velocity Samir skin Premium
24 Avalanche M9 skin Premium
25 Weapon XP boost Free
26 Dungaree Jing skin Premium
27 DedSec emoji pack Premium
28 Amber 93R skin Premium
29 100 XCoins Premium
30 Disruption ACR 6.8 skin Free
31 Lux player card Premium
32 Hi-Velocity Vector .45 Premium
33 Weapon XP boost Premium
34 Hibiscus Beto skin Premium
35 Throwback emoji pack Free
36 100 XCoins Premium
37 Firestorm Green skin Premium
38 Battle Pass XP boost Premium
39 Punch Vector .45 ACP skin Premium
40 Reboot player card Free
41 Rabbids emoji pack Premium
42 Street Ready Green skin Premium
43 Weapon XP boost Premium
44 Pelagic M44 skin Premium
45 Hi-Velocity M16A4 skin Premium
46 100 XCoins Premium
47 Gunfighter player animation Premium
48 Dark Regal De Rosa skin Premium
49 Game Over Jing skin Premium
50 Firestorm MDR skin Premium

XDefiant Battle Pass: M16A4 Hi-Velocity skin on a blue background .

How much does the XDefiant Battle Pass cost?

The XDefiant Battle Pass costs 700 XCoins, and the Premium Battle Pass, which offers 12 extra Sector skips, costs 1,200 XCoins. You can only buy quantities of 500 or 1,000 XCoins at the lower end, so anyone looking to buy the base Battle Pass will have to spend $9.99/£7.99.

Which weapons are included in the XDefiant Battle Pass?

The only weapon that can be unlocked through the XDefiant Battle Pass is the MDR Assault Rifle. This is obtained once you’ve hit Sector 10 and is free for everyone, so there’s no need to worry about purchasing the reward track to get your hands on it.

With a fast fire rate and surprisingly solid mobility, the MDR feels like an SMG and AR hybrid. As a result, it’s perfectly suited to aggressive competitors who prefer to take on opponents head-on.

So, there you have it, that’s everything you need to know about the XDefiant Battle Pass and how much it costs to purchase. While looking stylish in every FPS game is important, it’s also key you understand how XDefiant crossplay works and XDefiant’s system requirements so you can maximize your FPS.