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All XDefiant factions, abilities, and traits

All of the XDefiant factions from across Ubisoft games, their abilities and passive traits, and the strengths and weaknesses of each one.

All XDefiant factions, abilities, and skills

Who are all the XDefiant factions? If you’re looking forward to jumping into the free-to-play arena shooter, here are all the factions, their abilities, passive traits, and ultra skills.

XDefiant factions are taken from beloved Ubisoft games and come together to duke it out on the battlefield. From Far Cry 6 to Watch Dogs 2, factions come equipped with their own set of abilities to go head-to-head with each other. If you’re having trouble figuring out who to take into the XDefiant maps, now the XDefiant release date is here, we’ve listed each faction along with their skills below.

What are the XDefiant factions?

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These revolutionaries are expert medics from the Caribbean Island, Yara, taken directly from Far Cry. They use BioVida therapy on the battlefield and their presence increases passive healing for nearby friends and carries a Médico backpack that provides a chunk of health and a healing boost.


  • Médico Supremo (Ultra): The Médico backpack provides a large health and healing boost for a limited time.
  • Espíritu de Libertad (Passive Trait): The contagious spirit of freedom slowly heals you and nearby allies.
  • El Remedio (Ability): Launch a revitalizing gas canister that heals friendlies until destroyed or canceled.
  • BioVida Boost (Ability): A fortifying wave boosts total health and regen for you and nearby allies.

XDefiant phantoms faction and skills


These ex-Ghosts are also called Shadow Team and hail from Ghost Recon Phantoms. They specialize in battlefield control and are the tankiest faction in the arena, thanks to their shield abilities.


  • Aegis (Ultra): A spherical plasma shield combined with an electro-scattergun for close-quarters combat.
  • Hardened (Passive Trait): Health increased as a result of tailored gene therapies.
  • Mag Barrier (Ability): An electromagnetic barrier blocks incoming enemy fire and grenades.
  • Blitz Shield (Ability): Equip a tactical shield. Press the Melee button for a shield bash.

XDefiant Echelons faction skills


Splinter Cell’s Super Spies are the squishiest on the battlefield, but excel in intel and sneaky skills. This faction is all about remaining undetected by enemies, but helping your teammates by identifying enemy locations.


  • Sonar Goggles (Ultra): Reveal enemies and hunt them down with the classic Third Echelon 5.7 pistol.
  • Low Profile (Passive Trait): Agent does not appear on enemy minimaps.
  • Intel Suit (Ability): Shares the location of nearby enemies with your team.
  • Digital Ghillie Suit (Ability): Renders the agent nearly invisible. Movement and aiming reduce the effect.

XDefiant Cleaners faction skills


Former NYC sanitation workers from The Division use fire as their main weapon, packing incendiary rounds, a flamethrower, and a killer drone that delivers napalm. It can get a little messy with the cleaners, but they’re a lot of fun in the arena.


  • The Purifier (Ultra): A flamethrower ensures enemies are thoroughly sterilized.
  • Incendiary Rounds (Passive Trait): Incendiary ammo inflicts extra burn damage but decreases weapon range.
  • Incinerator Drone (Ability): A napalm-delivering drone burns everything in its flight path.
  • Firebomb (Ability): Detonate a Molotov cocktail, causing explosive damage and igniting the area.

XDefiant DedSec faction skills


Straight from Watch Dogs 2, the Cyber Attackers are the tech experts on the battlefield, able to take control of shields and drones and can hack into the enemies’ HUD, minimap, and abilities in a specified area. They also have a handy Spiderbot that targets and stuns the nearest enemy.

How to unlock Dedsec

To play as Dedsec, you’ll need to complete the major challenge that asks you to earn 700,000 XP or purchase them with 2,500 XCoins. The simplest way to earn this amount quickly is by completing challenges. We’ve also found that Occupy or Hotshot are the faster XDefiant modes you can play to farm XP.


  • Lockout (Ultra): Disable the enemies’ HUD, minimap, and abilities in the affected area.
  • Fabricator (Passive Trait): After a device is deployed, the Fabricator prints a new one.
  • Spiderbot (Ability): Deploy a Spiderbot that will target and stun the nearest foe via face hug.
  • Hijack (Ability): Hack enemy-deployed abilities and make them your own.

Now you’re caught up on all the XDefiant factions and their abilities, here are the XDefiant release times for your region and the best free PC games to play in the meantime.