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All XDefiant game modes explained

Here are all the XDefiant game modes and the objective for each of them so you can rack up countless wins while competing in multiplayer.

XDefiant game modes: Escort game mode menu screen with a blue background.

What are the game modes in XDefiant? A variety of game modes in an FPS game keeps the multiplayer fresh, and XDefiant certainly delivers on that front. Of course, choosing which one to dive into can be tough, as every competitor has a different style of play and preferences. Luckily, we’ve broken down all the details about the XDefiant game modes so you can enter your matches knowing the objective ahead of time.

While XDefiant isn’t a complicated game, it’s never a bad idea to learn the basics if you want to excel on the battlefield. Once you’ve got one of the best XDefiant loadouts in hand, know all of the XDefiant maps, and are familiar with each mode, you’ll be ready to dominate the competition. So, here’s a breakdown of all the XDefiant modes and how to secure the victory in all of them.

XDefiant modes

There are 6 game modes in XDefiant that you can queue up for, excluding the Welcome Playlist which is a random rotation of Escort, Zone Control, Domination, Occupy, and Hot Shot for players under level 25. It’s worth noting that skill-based matchmaking is switched on for this introductory playlist.

Here’s the full list of XDefiant game modes:

  • Escort
  • Zone Control
  • Domination
  • Occupy
  • Hot Shot
  • Ranked

XDefiant game modes: Escort game mode menu screen with a blue background.


In Escort, you’ll either begin the match as the attackers or the defenders on different sides of the map. Attackers are tasked with escorting a payload to a delivery point on an assigned pathway with different checkpoints along the way. Pushing the payload involves standing next to the four-legged robot while it moves forward. The job of the defenders is to stop this from happening by killing any pesky attackers and standing near the payload so it’s contested and cannot progress. Once time runs out, the teams switch roles and whoever pushed the payload further takes home the victory.

XDefiant game modes: Zone Control game mode menu screen with a blue background.

Zone Control

Similar to Escort, Zone Control has a role for both attackers and defenders. Attackers are tasked with taking over different zones on the map in a limited amount of time. At first, only two are available, but if they manage to capture them, more and more become unlocked. As you would expect, defenders have to hold the attackers back by any means necessary and prevent them from taking all the objectives.

XDefiant game modes: Domination game mode menu screen with a blue background.


A classic that’s adored by Call of Duty fans everywhere, Domination in XDefiant involves capturing and holding three zones on the map for as long as possible, scoring you points in the process. The first team to reach 750 points secures the win.

XDefiant game modes: Occupy game mode menu screen with a blue background.


Following in the footsteps of Domination, Occupy is very similar except it’s just a single zone that both teams have to attempt to hold. An extra twist to the mode is that the one point rotates around the map to different locations. This forces you to reposition on the fly and anyone with solid mobility will be rewarded, as reaching the zone first can be a massive boost for your team.

XDefiant game modes: Hot Shot game mode menu screen with a blue background.

Hot Shot

Hot Shot is the ultimate game mode for the aggressive XDefiant players, as it involves collecting bounties from fallen enemies. The player with the most bounties in the lobby is declared the Hot Shot and is granted faster movement speed and a snappier ADS time. However, this crown comes with a heavy burden, as everyone on the enemy team will be able to see your position at all times. The team with the most bounties at the end of the time limit takes home the victory.

XDefiant game modes: Ranked game mode menu screen with a blue background.


While it’s only in its trial form at the moment for XDefiant’s preseason, Ranked is the place to go if you want a purely competitive environment. With a 4v4 format and a competitive ruleset, this is the mode to go when you want to test yourself against opponents of a similar level. The time ahead of the full release of Ranked in Season 1 is the perfect chance to practice strategies and refine your gunskill.

That’s everything you need to know about XDefiant’s game modes and all the objectives necessary to win your matches. While game knowledge is important, understanding XDefiant crossplay can be useful as well for tuning your matchmaking, and scanning over the XDefiant system requirements is recommended if you want to maximize your performance. With all of this covered, you’ll be ready to dominate Ubisoft’s new FPS game, no matter which mode you choose.