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All 14 XDefiant maps

There are 14 cool and unique XDefiant maps to experience right from the launch day of Ubisoft’s CoD competitor, and we list them all here.

An XDefiant character on a backdrop of Attica Heights, one of the XDefiant maps.

What are all of the XDefiant maps? Maps are a vitally important part of any shooter. Sure, every match is different anyway: you can take in various weapons, your foes are completely new, and several modes change the game entirely, but there’s something about a new environment each time you drop in.

Arriving with the XDefiant release date, there is already a large pool of XDefiant maps, with 14 coming on day one. From there, Ubisoft is adding three new maps every season, so there will be some refreshing variety in your surroundings in the FPS game. The variety doesn’t end there, with five XDefiant factions to play as, 24 launch day weapons to wield, and 44 attachments to fit them. Again, there’s more to come from each area in a future season.

All 14 XDefiant maps listed side by side, with a small image of each.

All 14 XDefiant maps

Here are all of the 14 XDefiant maps available at launch:

  • Arena
  • Attica Heights
  • Dumbo
  • Echelon HQ
  • Emporium
  • Liberty
  • Mayday
  • Meltdown
  • Midway
  • Nudleplex
  • Pueblito
  • Showtime
  • Times Square
  • Zoo

Each map has a unique style and setup, but they all have some great places to take cover. Arena is one map in particular with plenty of places to hide from those in front, but its oval track shape means you might want to keep an eye out behind you, too. Meanwhile, the dark lighting of the modern, technological base of the Echelon faction provides plenty of shadowy areas to take enemies by surprise, a direct contrast to the bright stage lighting of Showtime.

Now you know where you’ll be fighting in each of the XDefiant maps, figure out what loadout you’ll be taking into every match and which of the XDefiant weapons we recommend. There are also various XDefiant game modes to keep things fresh in each multiplayer game match, with more to come each season.