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Does XDefiant have SBMM?

If you're getting stomped in XDefiant, could it be down to the lack of SBMM, or has Ubisoft implemented the system in its newest FPS?

XDefiant sbmm: a green figure aims a weapon

Does XDefiant have SBMM? We’ve all been there. You’ve dropped into the latest Ubisoft title with your friends but you’re getting obliterated left, right, and center. It can be frustrating if you feel like you’re not making progress, and the absence of a skill-based matchmaking system could mean it’s a harder slog than usual.

But does the newest FPS game from Ubisoft have SBMM or not? We’ve got all you need to know on the status of XDefiant skill-based matchmaking, as well as links to some guides to help you get to grips with the intricacies of the game.

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Does XDefiant have SBMM?

No, XDefiant does not have SBMM outside of the Welcome playlist or after you reach level 25. Until that time, it does.

Ubisoft took the decision to include XDefiant skill-based matchmaking while players got used to the game, featuring it in all matches until you reach level 25 in the welcome playlist. After this time, the playlist is unavailable and SBMM is disabled.

XDefiant producer Mark Rubin recently quote-tweeted a sentiment that expressed that if you aren’t finding easy enemies in the game with the lack of SBMM, it probably means that you have a lot of room for improvement – making you the easy enemy.

At this stage, it’s unclear whether Ubisoft’s approach is working for everyone, as it’s so early in the game’s life cycle. If you’re trying to work on your own skill, check out our guides on the best XDefiant loadouts for the current meta, and the best XDefiant weapons for every play style.