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Best XDefiant weapons and gun list

Here are the top weapons in XDefiant to help you dominate your enemies in multiplayer, as well as a list of every gun in the arsenal.

The best XDefiant weapons include the P90

What are the best weapons in XDefiant? Identifying the strongest weapons in XDefiant is not easy, as there are 24 guns in the arsenal, all with different strengths and weaknesses. While you could spend hours experimenting in multiplayer or firing at targets in the practice range, we will save you some time by breaking down the best XDefiant guns in the current meta.

Navigating the different weapon categories in XDefiant can be a challenge in itself, especially alongside learning the various XDefiant maps and the XDefiant factions, abilities, and traits. However, a select few weapons have stood out from the crowd and are making a name for themselves as the top-tier picks. So, whether you’re a sentinel or a run-and-gun competitor, we have the best XDefiant weapons for you right here.

XDefiant best weapons

Every gun in XDefiant is viable in the hands of a skilled player, but if you want to win matches and outgun your opponents consistently, it’s better to use a meta weapon. These options are considered stronger than the rest of the pack and alongside the correct attachments, they can easily take down anyone in your path.

XDefiant best weapons: Silver ACR 6.8 inspect screen in the loadout menus

ACR 6.8

The ACR 6.8 is the definition of consistency in XDefiant, making a name for itself as an easy-to-use Assault Rifle that thrives in mid to long-range gunfights. If that wasn’t enough, the gun has one of the fastest TTKs in multiplayer, which only becomes more rapid if you sneak in a few of those all-important headshots. Whether you enjoy taking up power positions or sprinting around the map looking for flanks, the ACR’s versatility means it can work with either playstyle. This is a very safe bet for anyone who finds it hard to pick a gun and stick to it.

XDefiant best weapons: Gold MP7 inspect screen in the loadout menus.


If you’re looking to turn up the aggression to another level, nothing will beat the absolute force that is the MP7 in XDefiant. Packed with mobility, damage, and unbelievable handling, this is the ultimate close-range weapon for causing absolute chaos. There’s no standing still when this gun is in hand, as you must make the most of its absurd movement to find flanks and catch opponents off-guard. A snappy ADS and solid hip-fire also mean you have the best chance to get the first shot off an opponent, which can be the difference between winning and losing a gunfight.

XDefiant best weapons: Gold MP5A2 inspect screen in the loadout menus.


Tactical and slower-paced SMG competitors should consider the MP5A2, an option that rivals the damage of the MP7 but can also take down enemies at mid-range. Not everyone wants to glide around the map and jump around every corner, so having the choice to take a measured and potentially even stealthier approach with the MP5A2 is incredibly valuable. This is especially true in the Escort mode, where tearing around at full speed far away from the objective isn’t always the best strategy.

XDefiant best weapons: Bronze AK-47 inspect screen in the loadout menus.


A classic in FPS games, it’s no surprise that the AK-47 is a power pick in XDefiant. This hard-hitting AR has a slower fire rate than the rest of the category, but anyone willing to master the AK-47’s recoil will get one of the fastest TTKs in multiplayer. It’s a mid-range specialist who is brilliant at controlling objectives and holding down sightlines on larger maps. If that wasn’t enough, the gun’s damage output goes to another level when you can land headshots consistently, but that’s easier said than done.

XDefiant best weapons: Bronze TAC-50 inspect screen in the loadout menus


It would be amiss not to mention the TAC-50, a powerful sniper built to one-shot enemies from long distances. Hitmarkers are rare with this weapon, which every sharpshooter wants to hear. As long as you post yourself in power positions, this gun is borderline broken, but to make it effective, you must land most of your bullets on target.

XDefiant best weapons: XDefiant cleaner with white and pink mask in front of a blue background.

All XDefiant weapons

There are 24 weapons in total across the XDefiant arsenal; here’s a list of all of them broken down by type:

Assault Rifles

  • M4A1
  • M16A4
  • MDR
  • AK-47
  • ACR 6.8


  • MP5A2
  • Vector .45 ACP
  • P90
  • MP7


  • M249
  • RPK-74
  • M60


  • M44
  • TAC-50

Marksman Rifles

  • MK 20 SSR
  • SVD


  • M870
  • Double Barrel
  • AA-12


  • M9
  • 686 Magnum
  • M1911
  • D50
  • 93R

There you have it. Those are all the best weapons in XDefiant and a list of every gun in the arsenal. If you’re looking to thrive in multiplayer, you’ll want to check out how XDefiant crossplay works, as well as the XDefiant system requirements, so that you can run Ubisoft’s new FPS game with the best performance. With all of that optimized alongside a meta weapon in your hands, you’ll be an unstoppable force.