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This classic XCOM like has just had its biggest Steam update yet

Xenonauts 2's 1.3 patch is the XCOM-like strategy game's biggest to date, as the Steam Early Access game celebrates with a 30% off sale.

Xenonauts 2 update: some sort of alein creature with yellow accents

If you’ve been looking for something with that classic XCOM flavor, the Steam Early Access game Xenonauts 2 has just had its biggest update to date, alongside a 30% off Steam sale. With new weapons for both you and your alien opponents, new vehicles, and a series of AI improvements, the game is better than ever.

The Xenonauts 2 1.3 patch is the XCOM-like’s biggest update to date, with plenty of new additions coming to the strategy game, alongside a 30% discount on Steam. The final version of Milestone 3 of the game is out today, bringing with it plenty of new ways to play, alongside a Unity upgrade that has some great side effects.

With a new class of Cruiser UFO and Fusion weapons, the alien foe has upped its game, with the Xenonauts also reverse-engineering the new weapons alongside some new hover tanks, dropship and interceptor tiers, and even some new maps during the campaign’s early game.

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Thanks to the upgrade to Unity 2022, load times should be reduced across the whole game by 30% (with 50% coming in the next few months), with borderless fullscreen properly supported and multi-monitor setups leading to fewer issues, too.

Xenonauts 2’s AI has also been improved to have “access to more information about the battlefield around it” to make better combat decisions. The “famously suicidal” civilian AI has also been improved.

Keep in mind that Xenonauts 2 is still in early access, with the team at Goldhawk Interactive continuing to add extra content and make changes to the overall feel of the strategy game. You can take a look at it on Steam here. Xenonauts 2 is 30% off until Monday, March 4.

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