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10/10 Steam game getting Dave the Diver-style cozy prequel

Zipp's Café is an upcoming management sim in the vein of Dave the Diver's sushi-making, and it'll be on Steam for us all real soon.

Zipp's Cafe Steam: a racoon man looking pensively to the left

Zipp’s Café is an upcoming “cozy café management sim” in the vein of Dave the Diver’s sushi-making side that also happens to be a prequel to one of the best story games and visual novels on Steam. Part of the Chicken Police universe and made by the same team, which has an average of ten out of ten on Steam, this game shows a lot of promise.

Set for release in November 2023, Zipp’s Café is a management game for those of you who love to chat with wonderfully wacky animal characters, a la Brewster’s Cafe in Animal Crossing.

Part of the World of Wilderness universe, which is where the upcoming Chicken Police sequel Into The Hive is also set, you’ll be catering for five anthropomorphic animals in Zipp’s Café by brewing them tea and coffee, while learning more about each of them at the same time.

The reason you should be really excited about Zipp’s Café is that it comes from Chicken Police Paint it Red’s developer The Wild Gentlemen. That game has a 95% positive rating on Steam from over 1,200 reviews, so talk about a promising spin-off from a visual novel.

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For my money, it feels a little bit like a cross between the vibe and visuals of a game like Spiritfarer, and the management part of the sushi restaurant in Dave the Diver. So if you’re a Chicken Police fan and want to go back to the universe before Into the Hive drops, or if you love a good management sim or a game like Coffee Talk, Zipp’s Café is for you.

You can wishlist Zipp’s Café now on Steam, with the release date set for Wednesday, November 15. If you like the sound of this you’ll also want to check out Slay the Princess on Steam, which is another cool visual novel like Chicken Police.

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