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Dust 514, Eve’s conjoined twin, will feature a PvE mode. Players will band together with other mercs, accepting missions to blow up robots. This we know. But we haven’t seen anything of it yet. Dust’s open beta, which launches today, doesn’t include it - and if anybody at CCP knows when it's coming, they're not telling.

Which is a shame, because it looks like a barrel of chrome laughs in this latest trailer.

Plenty of what the trailer alludes to - running corporations from the ground, orbital strikes - will be included in the beta, and a shared economy will be implemented gradually in the coming months. But Dust isn’t yet the game it aims to be. Indeed, some of CCP's planned updates will be years in the making.

“We are not saying we have delivered everything [that Dust will be] when it has come out,” CCP’s resident economist Dr Eyjolfur Gudmundsson told our Jules in Iceland. “This is the first step. It took us 10 years to get Eve to where Eve is today. This is the first step on a journey of Eve and Dust together. There will be a second decade of development. Stuff will be added consistently on an expansion-based basis.”

But that’s the future. What about now? Will you be jumping into Dust’s open beta?

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