This bendy LG OLED TV follows Corsair’s gaming monitor curve

LG just announced a bendy OLED TV, and it'll feature the same optional curve tricks as the recently announced Corsair Xeneon Flex gaming monitor

LG OLED Flex TV with blurred cherry tree backdrop

LG is cooking up a bendy OLED TV, and it could add an optional curve to your gaming PC living room setup. Dubbed the “world’s first bendable, 42-inch OLED screen,” the new panel features the same flexible tech as the recently announced Corsair Xeneon Flex, accompanied by specs that’ll potentially put pricey gaming monitors to shame

According to an LG press release, the OLED Flex is a high-spec gaming TV that can transform into a curved, 900R display. The electronics giant says the 42-inch display will help usher in a “whole new era of screen customizability,” as it’ll also let players choose from twenty levels of curvature.

Of course, the OLED Flex isn’t just a bendy rectangle, as it boasts 4K 120fps capabilities, HDMI 2.1 support, and OLED contrast boons. Just like the best gaming monitor option on the market, it comes with G-Sync and AMD Freesync support, making it more of a gaming PC portal than ordinary living room TVs.

It’s worth reiterating that while LG says this is the world’s first bendable 42-inch TV, the company’s tech will help the upcoming Corsair Xeneon Flex gaming monitor perform similar tricks. That particular panel measures in at 45 inches and a faster 240Hz refresh rate, meaning it’ll likely cost more than its curvy TV counterpart.

LG says its Flex OLED TV will be on display at IFA 2022, so if you’re heading to Berlin’s big tech show, you’ll be able to marvel at its bendy abilities. Just like the Corsair Xeneon Flex, there’s no word on MSRP yet, but it’ll likely come with a premium price tag attached to its versatile frame.