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Silent Hill game to be revealed at new Konami event

A brand new Silent Hill game, and maybe more, is set to be revealed by Konami soon as it yet again references classic horror game Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill game to be revealed in new Konami event: the protagonist from Silent Hill Downpour

A new Silent Hill game is officially on the way according to Konami, as the developer and publisher has announced that a live event will be taking place that highlights what we can expect from the series going forward, including a sneaky Silent Hill 2 reference. This follows months of speculation and rumours surrounding the return of one of the best horror games, with the official silence now being broken.

It’s unclear exactly what Konami will be showing off of this new Silent Hill game, or if it’ll actually be multiple games, according to previous rumours. The reveal from Konami says the following: “In your restless dreams, do you see that town? The latest updates for the Silent Hill series, will be revealed during the Silent Hill Transmission.”

The showcase is taking place on Wednesday October 19 at 10PM BST / 2PM PDT / 5PM EST, we don’t know exactly how long it will last, whether there will be new Silent Hill gameplay, releases dates, or just some announcements.

Multiple rumours and listings from this year have pointed towards some Silent Hill game news, with the likes of Silent Hill movie director Christoph Gans talking repeatedly about how Konami is planning to bring the franchise back. According to Gans this Silent Hill reboot will include an entire franchise relaunch “in terms of video games,” and this has happened as Konami has “been galvanised by the success of the Resident Evil 2 and 3 reboots” over at Capcom.

On top of all that, a new Silent Hill game was actually accidentally teased (or revealed, depending on how you look at it) recently as well. A Korean rating for a new game, called Silent Hill: The Short Message, appeared online and it wasn’t entirely clear at the time what it was. Odds are we’ll be hearing more about this Silent Hill game at the transmission from Konami this week.

This Silent hill game may very well be what comes from the Bloober Team and Konami partnership that was announced last year. While there has never been any mention of Silent Hill in this context officially, Bloober Team’s output or modern horror games Layers of Fear, Blair Witch, and The Medium all suggest that horror is on the cards in the partnership, which led many to believe a new Silent Hill game to be involved.

These Bloober Team Silent Hill rumours were denied by the developer (while also sort of not being denied at the same time, it was weird), but it seems more and more likely that this is something the team has been working on.

That’s (mostly) it on a new Silent Hill game for now, we’ll just have to wait for the transmission from Konami to learn more, but there’s a good chance it’s multiple games, and maybe more.