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Abiotic Factor will helpfully put your corpse in the cafeteria

The latest update to the Half-Life-style survival game makes it easier to find your body after you die - by shipping it to the cafeteria.

The “corpse run” can be among the tensest experiences in gaming: Having just lost all your precious gear, you need to get back to the spot where you died in order to retrieve it, or else you’ll lose it forever. In Abiotic Factor, that’s sometimes been an impossible task due to the presence of extreme hazards or weird level geometry. Fortunately, the latest hotfix addresses this – and will sometimes resort to shipping your body back to the office cafeteria.

In case you hadn’t heard yet, Abiotic Factor is a survival game styled after Half-Life and the SCP Foundation. You and your friends take on the roles of more or less hapless scientists who are locked deep in an underground research facility where something has gone very wrong. The idea is to use the resources you find to research and build the tools you need to survive, explore, and escape.

Up until now, Abiotic Factor has figured that wherever your body lands, that should be the place you need to return to in order to find your lost gear and loot. There were some exceptions to this, such as if the corpse location returned bad data. In cases like this, the game would revert to the location where the death occurred, but this could result in making corpses unreachable.

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Now, when a body has bad data, instead of moving to the death location, it will attempt to move with the player to their respawn location. If this fails for some reason, the corpse will head over to the office sector, where it can be found in the office cafeteria. Sensible, if slightly questionable from a sanitation perspective.

The big takeaway here is that if you can’t find your corpse in Abiotic Factor after installing the patch, check the cafeteria – it’s probably there.

This update makes a whole host of updates and fixes besides corpse delivery. The patch seals up some sequence-breaking skips that were allowing players to bypass parts of the game, improves the performance of the server browser, adds a new backup world save when you host a game from the menu, and more.

Fixed stoves, it seems, have been “eating” players’ pots and pans. The developers believe they’ve fixed this issue, but just in case, once you install this update, you may see a “slight overabundance” of cookware in and around any stoves you’ve encountered.

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