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Chaotic Half-Life co-op survival sim slips into early access

Off the back of an incredibly popular demo, Abiotic Factor has jumped into Steam Early Access so you can dive into some madcap co-op.

Chaotic Half-Life co-op survival sim slips into early access: A scientist from Abiotic Factor looks on while chaos erupts behind. He doesn't look happy about it.

The science team always gets the short end of the stick. Throughout Half-Life, they exist to open doors for you, cower at loud noises, and get shot by soldiers in an effort to clean up the Black Mesa mess. Thankfully, in Abiotic Factor it’s the science team’s time to shine, as they’re heading to the surface and nothing’s going to get in their way.

Half-Life’s influence on the gaming industry reaches deep and its tendrils are everywhere. In Abiotic Factor, that influence is right there in all but name, featuring a series of scientists attempting to escape a ’90s-inspired science facility under threat from an extra-dimensional host of horrors. What makes Abiotic Factor truly special is that it has been built as a 1-6 player co-op game, and that makes it utter chaotic fun.

As you and your fellow scientists proceed through a series of areas to try and make your way out of this hell-hole facility you once called a workplace, you’ll encounter horrifying creatures as well as various robots and defences that have gone rogue. It’s not just an FPS, however, as crafting is also built into the game’s core. You’ll need to eat, drink, and smash together items in order to get the firepower and tools you’ll need to survive long enough to get out.

The science facility from Abiotic Factor which is overrun with a type of toxic green goo.

On the surface that might seem like a serious proposition but Abiotic Factor is absolutely drenched in chaos and bizarre happenings. Scientists can disappear off into other dimensions, or suddenly pop out of vents while running away from aliens, your co-op partners turning the game into a riotous and fast-paced cavalcade of mishaps.

Previously Abiotic Factor was available through a demo which turned out to be so popular the developer extended the time it was playable. Now, it’s entered Steam Early Access, and players will be able to play through the Manufacturing Sector, Office Sector, Labs Sector, and over six portal worlds in this initial release. Future updates promise more sectors, jetpacks, new enemies, SUVs, and much more.

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Abiotic Factor is out now on Steam Early Access and you can save 20% until Thursday, May 9 as an introductory offer. Head over to the game page to check it out.

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