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AFK Journey codes April 2024

Here are all the latest AFK Journey codes and how to redeem them so you can get valuable in-game currency like Diamonds and Gold for free.

AFK Journey codes: Characters from AFK Journey huddle around a campfire and read from a scroll.

April 12, 2024: We checked for new AFK Journey codes.

What are the new AFK Journey codes? Redeeming limited-time freebies is the best way to stay ahead of the curve without upsetting your wallet, especially in gacha-driven fantasy RPGs like AFK Journey. These giveaway codes can help can help you stay competitive with the best team compositions, clear the story without issue, and reap the rewards of the PvP leaderboards. We’ve found and tested every code released by developer Farlight to find out which ones are active or expired.

The latest AFK Journey codes often reward you with valuable in-game currency like AFK Journey Diamonds and Gold, which are required to pull on gacha banners and build the best characters in the AFK Journey roster. We also recommend checking out our in-depth AFK Journey tier list to ensure you’re spending your freebies wisely in the anime game. Now that you’re all set, here are the AFK Journey codes waiting to be redeemed.

Rowan from AFK Journey.

New AFK Journey codes

Here is a list of all the working AFK Journey codes:

  • AFKJourneyALPHARAD – 100 Diamond and 18k Gold
  • AFKJourneyPG0 – 100 Diamond and 18k Gold
  • AFKJourneyMSA – 200 Diamond and 20k Gold
  • AFKJourneyDE – 100 Diamond and 18k Gold
  • AFKJourneyJoshDUB – 100 Diamond and 18k Gold
  • AFKJourney88 – 100 Diamond and 18k Gold
  • AFKJourneyZanny – 100 Diamond and 18k Gold
  • AFKJourneyCarbot – 200 Diamond and 20k Gold
  • AFKJourneySqueezie – 200 Diamond and 20k Gold
  • AFKJourneyPRESTON – 200 Diamond and 20k Gold
  • AFKJourneyVIVA – 200 Diamond and 20k Gold
  • AFKJourneyLGIO – 200 Diamond and 20k Gold
  • AFKJourneyHI – 100 Diamond and 18k Gold
  • AFKJourneyRug – 200 Diamond and 20k Gold
  • AFKJourneyJianhao – 200 Diamond and 20k Gold
  • AFKJourneySpecialEDD – 100 Diamond and 18k Gold
  • AFKJourneyTGT – 200 Diamond and 20k Gold
  • AFKJOURNEYCMK – 100 Diamond and 18k Gold
  • AFKJourneyNOGLA – 200 Diamond and 20k Gold
  • AFKJourneyTT – 88 Diamond and 16k Gold
  • AFKJOURNEYVG – 200 Diamond and 20k Gold
  • AFKJourneyCreator – 200 Diamond and 18k Gold
  • AFKJourneyPAX – 400 Diamond and 40k Gold
  • AFKJN2024 – 188 Diamond and 18k Gold
  • AFKJourneyArt – 327 Diamond and 16k Gold
  • PlutoMall – Redeemed via the online AFK Journey store for 5% off Dragon Crystals

Expired codes:


The four-step process for redeeming AFK Journey codes.

How do I redeem AFK Journey codes?

Just like in AFK Arena, you can redeem AFK Journey codes in no time at all, regardless of which device you decide to play on.

To redeem AFK Journey codes, just tap your profile picture as soon as you gain control of your character. From there, tap the gear icon to enter the Settings screen, then the Others tab on the right just beneath the cute and cuddly character.

In the Others section beneath Account Services, you should see a button that reads “Promo Code.” Tap this one, enter an AFK Journey code, and tap the tick button to redeem it.

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How to get more AFK Journey codes

The simplest way to get more AFK Journey codes is to check back here regularly. We’ll be jumping through the hoops to find new codes all over the web, testing them for validity, and setting up notifications to spot them as quickly as possible.

If you want to do the same, you’ll need to keep up with social networks, communities, and official channels. There’s the AFK Journey Discord to name one key resource. There’s a also good chance that codes could drop on the AFK Journey YouTube channel either in new videos or through the community pages.

Now that you’ve redeemed all the latest AFK Journey codes, take a look at the best AFK Journey team comps and AFK Journey Artifacts you can get your hands on. Alternatively, check out our Honkai Star Rail tier list and Genshin Impact tier list if you’re planning to dip your toe into HoYoverse’s ecosystem.

Original contributions by Josh Brown.