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Reverse 1999 tier list - best characters June 2024

Save yourself some premium currency and upgrade materials by using our Reverse 1999 tier list featuring the best characters to unlock and use.

A close profile shot of a character from Reverse 1999.

What is the current Reverse 1999 tier list? Here, we’ve got the best Reverse 1999 characters available as you get to grips with another chart-topping fantasy mobile RPG you can play on PC. As more are added, we’ll gauge any new characters and re-evaluate older ones against the latest fighter, so keeping up with the meta couldn’t be easier.

Reverse 1999 is a gacha game, so you need gems to unlock most of these characters. If you need more, make sure you’ve redeemed all the latest Reverse 1999 codes. If this isn’t the only gacha you’ve got on the go, you might find our up-to-date Genshin Impact tier list handy. Our Genshin Impact builds page can even help you spec out and upgrade the top tier picks, with our character banner calendar here to help you decide whether to save or hold all those precious Primogems you’ll gather with Genshin Impact codes. And if you like Chainsaw Man and Nier, you might be surprised to hear they’re in the PC-compatible x-rated gacha game Nikke right now.

Reverse 1999 tier list

Here’s the current Reverse 1999 tier list for October:

Tier Character
S Charlie, Medicine Pocket, Voyager, Soweto, An-an-Lee, Bkornblume, Eternity, Changeling, Jessica, Pickles, Tooth Fairy, Kaalaa Baunaa
A Leilana, Mondlicht, Tennant, Oliver Fog, Erick, Baby Blue, Regulus, Eagle, A Knight, Druvis III, Dikke, Lilya, Centurion, Sonetto
B Satsuki, The Fool, Pavia, Click, APPLe, Matilda, Necrologist, Twins Sleep, X, Balloon Party, Sotheby, La Source, Melania, Blonney, Bette, Kanjura
C Darley Clatter, Bunny Bunny, Nick Bottom, Cristallo, Ms. NewBabel, Sweetheart, Rabies, Diggers
D Ms. Moissan, Mesmer Jr. aliEn T, Door, 3nma
E Poltergeist, John Titor, ONiON, TTT, Ms. Radio, Sputnik

Regulus from Reverse 1999.

How do we rank Reverse 1999 characters?

We grade Reverse 1999 characters not only by the possibilities they bring to the battlefield but their rarity, ease of use, and the competition they face in their role. Character growth has also been taken into account, with some common characters excelling above others as they’re upgraded.

Rankings are also cross-referenced and compared to those of popular content creators and group discussions across the game’s active online communities. This helps to create an average ranking for each character based on early-game worth, endgame potential, and various other discussion-based theories.

The Reserve 1999 tier list doesn’t distinguish between a character’s role in your team. Their worth in your party will depend entirely on optimal team composition. Don’t expect a high-tier character to carry you through the game will no additional effort.

For example, if you’re unlucky enough to pull only high-tier healers or support characters, building a team with nothing but them simply because they rank higher than your other characters, you’ll potentially struggle more than you would with a balanced team of low-tier characters. Being a strategic turn-based team-building title, the synergy between your characters should come above all else.

A top-tier character can only shine when paired with characters that properly enable their skills. At the same time, some high-ranking characters gain their spot not necessarily through their damage-dealing potential but by how their skills might heavily buff the output of the team as a whole.

Vertim from Reverse 1999.

When is the next new Reverse 1999 character banner?

The next Reverse 1999 character banner release date is February 8, 2024. This will be the second phase of Version 1.3, with the new character in this update being Shamane. Kanjura and Kaalaa Bauna were released as part of the first banner in January 2024.

While we wait, though, we know there are already well over a dozen existing characters yet to be released in the global version, thanks to Reverse 1999’s release as a localized game in another region. We’ll update the tier list for as long as they keep coming, so be sure to consult it before burning through your resources.

Before you jump straight in, make sure your rig is up to the job with the Reverse 1999 system requirements. Looking to juggle a few other games with lush, colorful visuals and wacky settings? You can’t go wrong with our picks of the best anime games on PC right now. One of them plays similarly to this one: check out the Honkai Star Rail tier list to see what we’re talking about, then mosey on over to the latest Honkai Star Rail codes to get the currency you’ll need to pull on the active Honkai Star Rail banners. Top-tier characters aren’t available forever!

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