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Age of Empires 4 tops Steam’s weekly bestsellers

Relic Entertainment and World's Edge's new strategy game has hit the number one spot on Valve's platform this past week

Two Age of Empires IV armies line up for battle

It turns out Age of Empires 4 has been a big hit on Steam. According to SteamDB’s data, the brand-new strategy game – which launched late last week – has sailed to the top of the platform’s weekly bestsellers for the week ending October 31.

SteamDB shows that Age of Empires IV has nabbed the top two spots on this past week’s list of Steam’s top-selling games, with the top spot being the main game and the second spot taken by the game’s pre-orders. Curiously, the game’s sat in the number seven spot of the weekly bestsellers, too, though with the different versions of the game (standard, digital deluxe, and a bundle) being available via the same Steam page, it’s likely that these double entries reflect the two different editions – though it’s not clear which is which.

Either way, it’s an impressive feat for the game. The Age of Empires 4 release date was only October 28, so that means the long-awaited next instalment in the long-running strategy series racked up the biggest number of sales on Steam that week in just three days. The game sits above other big titles such as Amazon’s MMO New World, as well as Back 4 Blood, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Football Manager 2022 in the list.

Age of Empires IV is also available through publisher Xbox Game Studios’ Game Pass subscription, which makes it additionally impressive that it’s snagged the top spot(s) on Steam. Additionally, the game hit a hefty peak concurrent player count of 73,928 on Steam this weekend according to SteamDB.

Here’s the launch trailer in case you’re yet to give it a go but curious:

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