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Age of Empires 4: release date, trailer, gameplay, nations - everything we know

age of empires release date trailer gameplay nations

Age of Empires... 4? Say what?! With the latest Age of Empires game landing over a decade ago, anticipation for a new entry in the classic, empire-building RTS couldn't be higher if you placed it atop a saddled war elephant and marched it towards a Barbarian outpost. Someone at Microsoft must have heard the cumulative prayers of veteran empire-builders the world over, as Age of Empires 4 - not to mention remasters of all three of the original games - is officially on its way. We'll allow plenty of time for dancing and jubilation, but for now let's get onto all the salient info about AoE4, shall we?

We have rounded up all the Age of Empires 4 news and information to present you with everything we know about it. Join us as we run through the various Age of Empires 4 civilisations and nations we will be guiding from humble hunter-gatherers to fully-fledged empires, as well as muse over the studio working on it, and generally get overexcited about potential new features.

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Age of Empires 4 release date

Sadly, there is no Age of Empires 4 release date or window yet, which suggests that the RTS is still a long way from being complete. The fact that the announce trailer comprises nothing but concept art hints that development on Age of Empires 4 is still in its early stages. 

As Relic Entertainment is heading up work on the game, it is likely it has only been able to devote less than a year of full-scale development on the project having only released Dawn of War III in April 2017. Hopefully, we will get a rough Age of Empires 4 release date when Microsoft next shows off the forthcoming strategy game - fingers crossed for an E3 2018 showing.

Age of Empires 4 trailer

There is an announce trailer for Age of Empires 4 that you can watch above. It sets the tone nicely for the sequel with a rousing combination of concept art and voiceover, but do not expect to learn much about Age of Empires 4’s gameplay from it. However, those slides of artwork do reveal a number of possible civilisations that we might be able to control when the game eventually releases, including Rome, Japan, and British redcoats.

Age of Empires 4 gameplay

age of empires 4 gameplay

Relic Entertainment and Microsoft Studios have revealed very little about the gameplay of Age of Empires 4. But Relic’s recent work and the foundations set in stone by the series’ previous entries give us a vague picture of what to expect.

If you are unfamiliar with Age of Empires then here are the basics. You start of by picking a nation or civilisation from history and then guide them to prosperity through one of four victory conditions: score, domination, building a world wonder, or uncovering relics from around the map and returning them to your base. All of this plays out in real-time as you manage your civ, gather resources, build new structures and units, research new technology, and battle the other nations that you share the map with.

How will Relic Entertainment change that? As much as fans will want the gameplay of Age of Empires 4 to stick to its roots, that would make for a very old-school RTS with limited appeal beyond hardcore fans of the series. We can expect a number of fresh nations in Age of Empires 4, then, which will add new bonuses and units for you to weigh up before starting a map, and possibly introduce some innovative tactics as a byproduct.

It is also likely that Relic Entertainment could add new gameplay features like hero units and skill trees, especially considering the success that similar systems have had in the recent Total War: Warhammer series. This is just speculation for now as we will have to wait and see how many changes Relic Entertainment has in mind for the gameplay of Age of Empires 4.

Age of Empires 4 nations

age of empires 4 nations

The announcement trailer reveals a number of potential Age of Empires 4 nations from a range of historical eras. Featured in the trailer are Roman legionaries, Spanish conquistadors, Native Americans, British redcoats, Japanese samurai, and indigenous peoples of South America. That suggests there will be three or four distinct historical eras in Age of Empires 4: Ancient Rome, the Age of Discovery, British America, and the Kamakura and Muromachi periods in Japan.

Which other nations can we expect to see if those are the Age of Empires 4 eras, then? Japan could be joined by the Mongol Empire, or you could take control of various belligerents from the Warring States period. The Age of discovery will likely include Spain, Portugal, Inca, and Aztec. Expect Carthage, Persia, Goths, and Gauls to accompany Ancient Rome. Finally, British America would probably feature a variety of Native American tribal nations, Britain, and the United States of America.


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pmcdaniel256 avatarprofil84 avatarmailmefinbar avatar
pmcdaniel256 Avatar
5 Months ago

I just want to say, the teaser trailer showed artwork from each game. This doesn't mean the game is based on these images. If you look at the historical timeline of each game it goes like this:

Age of Empires = The start of civilization to the peak of the Roman Empire.

Age of Empires 2 = The fall of Rome (indicated by the Atilla the Hun campaign) to before the discovery of America.

Age of Empires 3 = The discovery of the Americas till around the civil war (I say this because you help the railroad company in the last campaign missions)

This leads me to the conclusion that ,if Relic Entertainment follows this, then the next game will range to the age of imperialism. The time frame where south Asia and Africa are being carved up by the major powers of the world. But this is just a theory though.

There also has been word that Relic Entertainment has been in talks with the creators of Company of Heros. So they might be using the cover aspect of the game (being how in the Imperial age, combat strategies changed because marching in lines is a bad idea)

Agian these are just ideas but I thought I'd just share them.

mailmefinbar Avatar
3 Months ago

I concur! I can only imagine many of the game review guys etc. never played AoE, otherwise they should've recognized these art works as coming from previous AoE games. I don't think they relate to anything new, especially because the voice over towards the end mentions "we battled through history" and when the "new age upon us" is said, we no longer see any art work.

profil84 Avatar
4 Months ago

There is also Poland, you show it at the screen at the beginning of this articel, bunch of polish flags and typical polish soldier from XVII century...