Age of Empires 3 cheats – a quick guide

A quick primer of every cheat code available for Age of Empires 3 and its expansion

A castle under siege in Age of Empires 3, with the main gates blowing open from an explosion

So, you want some Age of Empires 3 cheats? Whether you’re still rocking the original version of the popular RTS game, or have upgraded to the shinier Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, there is still a modest selection of cheat codes you can use if you fancy giving yourself a leg up.

There’s honestly not many, so this is a very short and sweet guide, but on the bright side unlike using Age of Empire 2 cheats, you won’t be prevented from gaining any achievements (as far as we can tell, anyway) if you use any of the codes below. If you own the Asian Dynasties expansion, there is a separate list of cheats you can use there as well.

To use Age of Empires 3 cheats is a doddle – simply press the ENTER key to bring up the chat box, then input one of the codes below and watch the magic happen. Note that a couple of the cheats below benefit all players, not just yourself, so be careful what you wish for. Thanks to the Age of Empires 3 wiki for help.

Age of Empires 3 cheats

Here is a list of Age of Empires 3 cheat codes:

  • a recent study indicated that 100% of herdables are obese – Fattens all the animals on the map, generating more Food
  • Give me liberty or give me coin – Adds 10,000 coin
  • Medium Rare Please – Adds 10,000 food
  • <censored> – Adds 10,000 wood
  • Nova & Orion – Gives 10,000 experience points
  • X marks the spot – Reveals the map for all the players, but keeps fog of war in place
  • sooo good – Comical text appears regarding unit and building kills
  • speed always wins – Increases build, research, shipment, and gather rates by 100 times for all players. Use again to cancel
  • tuck tuck tuck – Spawns The Tommynator monster truck.
  • ya gotta make do with what ya got – Spawns a powerful artillery unit that fires Capybara
  • where’s that axe? – Spawns George Crushington, a more powerful version of George Washington
  • o Canada 2005 – Spawns a Lazerbear
  • don’t kick the pitbull – Spawns a Learicorn
  • we wuv woo vol.2 – Spawns a Flying Purple Tapir
  • wee ooh wee ooh – Spawns a BigAndy monster truck

Age of Empires 3: The Asian Dynasties cheats

  • a whole lot of love – Adds 10,000 to each of all available resources
  • ding ding ding – Spawns a Monster Ice Cream Truck
  • mustard relish and burning oil – Spawns a Flaming Hot Dog Cart
  • trade plz – Adds 10,000 export

We’ll update this guide with any more cheat codes or other information as it gets released.