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Alan Wake 2 is delayed to “give more space”

The Alan Wake 2 launch is delayed by ten days, and developer Remedy says they hope the change gives players more space to “enjoy their favorite games.”

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Alan Wake 2 enthusiasts, we’ve a little bad news for you. The Alan Wake 2 release date has been delayed, with a new launch scribbled onto the calendar for Remedy’s atmospheric action horror game sequel. If you’ve been eagerly anticipating finding out what happened to the eponymous author following his brief sojourn into Control, you’ll have to hold on a little longer until you can play Alan Wake 2.

“An update from the Alan Wake 2 team: We’re moving Alan Wake 2’s launch from October 17 to October 27,” developer Remedy Entertainment posts via Twitter. It’s not a huge delay, thankfully, although with such a busy time coming up for game releases you may now need to take a look at your schedule and see whether this affects your plans.

“October is an amazing month for game launches,” Remedy continues, “and we hope this date shift gives more space for everyone to enjoy their favorite games. We can’t wait to show you what everyone’s favorite novelist is up to in the Dark Place next week. Thanks for your patience!”

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The next installment in the series – arriving over 13 years after the first game launched – sees us take control of dual protagonists. Along with the titular Wake, who is attempting to make his way out of the Dark Place, we’ll also play out the story of Saga Anderson, an FBI investigator who’s pursuing the trail of a case in the Pacific North West that wraps into the events of Alan Wake’s writing.

You’ll be able to switch between the pair at will, choosing to flip back and forth or pursue one storyline most of the way to its conclusion before seeing out the other. I’ve certainly been eager to find out exactly what’s going on – but I think I can hold on for a few days more, if it means the final product benefits.

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