Nvidia GeForce Hotfix driver released to boost Alan Wake 2 performance

Your Alan Wake 2 performance issues could stem from a problem with the latest Nvidia GeForce driver, so downloading this hotfix might help.

Alan Wake 2 Nvidia GeForce Hotfix driver: a long-haired man with beads of moisture on his face looks behind the screen, with the Nvidia logo appearing in the top left.

Nvidia has released a GeForce Hotfix driver update to address performance issues in Alan Wake 2. Team green has observed “gradual stability and performance degradation over extended periods of gameplay” that could be caused by driver issues, so have rolled out this hotfix to solve the problem.

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Alan Wake 2 performance has been a hot topic ever since Remedy released the stringent Alan Wake 2 system requirements. They’re demanding enough without throwing driver issues into the mix, so we hope this hotfix sorts things out.

Nvidia developed a ‘Game Ready’ Alan Wake 2 Nvidia driver specifically designed to get the most out of Remedy’s horror romp. However, it seems there are still performance issues that Nvidia hopes to solve with this hotfix.

It says that the “GeForce Hotfix driver is our way to trying to get… fixes out to you more quickly. These drivers are basically the same as the previously released version, with a small number of additional targeted fixes.”

The hotfix, which you can download here, addresses the following issues:

  • Addressing gradual stability and performance degradation over extended periods of gameplay in Alan Wake 2
  • Windows 10 transparency effects are not displaying correctly after driver update
  • Random Bugcheck may be observed on certain systems

If you’re still having performance problems in Alan Wake 2, have a look over our Alan Wake 2 best settings guide. Tweaking certain settings can result in surprisingly large performance gains. Alternatively, it might be time to upgrade your graphics card. Check out our best graphics card list for a range of recommendations from our experts.