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Alan Wake 2 adds new game mode and ending following big wins at TGAs

Remedy Entertainment and Epic Games come together to expand upon GOTY nominee Alan Wake 2 with The Final Draft, adding new game plus.

Alan Wake 2 The Final Draft: A woman sitting under green lighting at a wooden table with her hands before her stares ahead, her expression blank

Alan Wake 2 is one of 2023’s most special video game releases, with its ground-breaking narrative design and clever use of psychological horror. The story-driven experience from Remedy Entertainment and publisher Epic Games is nothing short of immense, proving that games don’t need to be hundreds of hours long to seriously leave an impact on players. The GOTY nominee is about to get bigger and even better now, following its variety of won titles at The Game Awards 2023.

That’s right, you haven’t yet seen the end of Alan Wake 2 if you’ve played through the stellar survival horror game already. Remedy now says that the long-awaited new game plus mode fans of the original Alan Wake are familiar with is coming to the sequel with a big post-launch update aptly dubbed ‘The Final Draft.’ If you aren’t as familiar with the first game, new game plus came to it in the form of its nightmare mode.

The nightmare difficulty is meant to challenge players further, with the original game’s harder mode offering the chance to find manuscript pages unique to it and unobtainable in a normal playthrough. Much like the first Alan Wake, the sequel’s free Final Draft mode adds a new nightmare difficulty with more intense survival gameplay. That’s not all, though.

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The Final Draft will be available on Monday, December 11, only to those who have first completed at least one normal playthrough of Alan Wake 2, as it brings a big brand-new story ending with it too. You’ll thankfully retain any of the charms, character upgrades, and weapons you obtained during your original runs, which should lighten the challenge a bit.

News of The Final Draft and its Alan Wake 2 new game plus mode comes at the perfect time, as Remedy just took home various titles won during this year’s TGAs. The sequel was a Game of the Year nominee, but it was impressively crowned for Best Game Direction, Best Narrative, and Best Art Direction. If you’ve read our Alan Wake 2 review, then you know that these wins are very well-deserved.

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