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Blame the xenomorph: Sega posts weak earnings, says Alien sold poorly

Motion tracker flashing as the Alien appears at the end of a hall

Sega expressed disappointment in its latest earnings report, despite posting a over 10% revenue growth over its 2013 earnings. One of the culprits for Sega’s slump: “weak” sales for Alien: Isolation, which shifted just 2.1 million units.

It’s a far cry from this winter, when Sega were boasting about Alien’s sales.

This is all a bit reminiscent of when Square Enix threw Lara Croft and Tomb Raider under the bus for a bad earnings report (only to later admit that it was the most successful game in franchise-history), although Alien is not quite doing Tomb Raider numbers just yet.

Sega beat their own forecasts from earlier this year, but posted an overall loss of $94m, down from last year’s profitable results.

SEGA have made cuts lately, as the company transitions away from physical retail.

Source: IGN