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Aliens action-horror game announced for PC, VR, and consoles

An official Aliens game is in the works from the studio that made Creed: Rise to Glory, and it's "a new Aliens story" set between the first and second Alien fil

Aliens emerge from the fog aboard a ship, dimly lit from behind by a floodlight.

A new “action-horror” Aliens game is in the works from a studio known mainly for its VR titles. The new Aliens game, the title of which has not yet been revealed, will tell an original Aliens story that’s set between the events of the first two Alien films.

This new Aliens horror game is being developed by Survios, the studio responsible for VR games like Creed: Rise to Glory and The Walking Dead: Onslaught. According to the official site, it’ll star a “battle hardened veteran” who has “a vendetta against the Xenomorphs.”

Survios says the game is being developed for PC, console, and VR, so it appears it will not be VR-exclusive. The studio is building the game in Unreal Engine 5, and appears to be hiring to fill a raft of developer positions for the title.

That in mind, it’s likely that we won’t be hearing much more about the new Aliens game for a couple years. In the meantime, we can always replay Alien: Isolation or fire up Aliens: Fireteam Elite again.