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New Alienware 360Hz gaming monitor boasts 0.5ms response time

The Alienware AW2523HF gaming monitor is speedy fast and perfect for esports gamers, while the AW2723DF best suits those looking to balance speed and fidelity

The Alienware AW2523HF gaming monitor rear (left) and front (right)

A new Alienware gaming monitor boasting a 0.5ms response time is on its way, the AW2523HF. It packs several additional features that could make it an extremely desirable display for competitive gamers, including a Fast IPS panel that supports refresh rates up to 360Hz.

While its 25-inch 1080p 360Hz panel should offer excellent motion clarity, FreeSync Premium will help keep stuttering and tearing at bay for a more enjoyable gaming experience. It’s also one of the few monitors on the market today to have received the VESA AdaptiveSync seal of approval, meaning you can expect great out-of-the-box performance.

The AW2523HF also has some welcome creature comforts, including a new ‘Legend 2.0’ design that sees the intrusive wide feet of other Alienware monitors swapped out for a hexagonal base. You’ll also have somewhere to hang up the best gaming headset in your arsenal, thanks to the new integrated retractable headset.

The Alienware AW2723DF gaming monitor rear (left) and front (right)

For those who prefer a greater balance between image fidelity and refresh rate, the AW2723DF may be the best gaming monitor for you. Its 1440p Fast IPS panel can be overclocked to 280Hz, meaning it’s both a sharp and responsive display.

You’ll be able to pick up the AW2723DF for $649.99 USD / $829.99 CAD from October 6, while the AW2523HF comes in at just $449.99 USD / $569.99 CAD and will be available starting September 7.