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Alone in the Dark system requirements

While Alone in the Dark is a name familiar to many, this new adaptation looks scarier than ever, but its system reqs are far from frightful.

A shot of David Harbor in Alone in the Dark in a dimly lit room

What are the Alone in the Dark system requirements? A survival horror classic has returned, but unfortunately, it’s been met with a less than stellar reception. If you plan to enter Decerto Manor, we’ve gathered the system requirements for Alone in the Dark.

It may fall short of being one of the best horror games on PC, and our Alone in the Dark review only gives it a 4/10. On a positive note, the game doesn’t demand the best graphics card for any of the current system requirement levels, meaning it’s easy enough to play even on older hardware.

Here are the Alone in the Dark system requirements:

Minimum Recommended
OS Windows 10 or later Windows 10 or later
GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
AMD Radeon RX 570
Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060
AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT
CPU Intel Core i3 8300
AMD Ryzen 3 3100
Intel Core i5 12400
AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
Storage 50GB SSD 50GB SSD

The Alone in the Dark minimum requirements ask very little of your gaming laptop or PC. You’ll need an AMD Ryzen 3 3100 or Intel Core i3 8300 CPU alongside an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti or AMD Radeon  RX 570 GPU.

Just 8GB of RAM is required at this level, which should be no issue for most systems designed for gaming from the last decade. We expect these specs will get you 30fps at 1080p on the lowest graphical presets

When looking for better visual fidelity and improved performance, the Alone in the Dark recommended specs start to ask a little more of your gaming rig. First, you’ll need to double your RAM to 16GB, an expected jump for most modern games.

You’ll also need an Intel Core i5 12400 or AMD Ryzen 7 3700X CPU paired with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 or Radeon RX 5700 XT. These components are around four to six years old, so again, older gaming-focused builds and more recent budget systems should be fine. We anticipate these specs will get you 1080p gameplay on the highest presets at 60 fps.

There are no Alone in the Dark ultra specs given at this time, but these are typically reserved for reveal right before launch. If given, they are likely to be posted to the Alone in the Dark Twitter (X) account. PC performance can still undergo optimizations in preparation for a day one patch very late on in development, hence why full system requirements are sometimes a little late in being confirmed.

Nvidia DLSS is confirmed for Alone in the Dark, while AMD FSR also features, but we are yet to receive confirmation if FSR 3 with frame generation will be present at launch but it’s expected to arrive sometime shortly after.

The Alone in the Dark download size sits at 50GB, which is reasonable for a single-player game. An SSD is recommended at all spec levels although not specifically noted as required. Regardless, we recommend one of the best SSDs for gaming due to the improved performance compared to traditional mechanical drives.

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