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id working on a new game engine which will “consume all the CPU Ryzen can offer.”

Doom Vulkan

It looks like the id Tech 7 game engine will be Ryzen’d up from the outset, meaning games built from its constituent parts will take full advantage of the huge multi-threading potential the AMD chips offer. Though considering how many games use the id Tech 6 engine I wouldn’t get too excited just yet.

The CPU is only one part of the equation, you still need the best graphics cards to make the most of your rig.

As part of AMD’s multi-title, extended partnership with Bethesda they’ve been able to wheel out id folk, like chief tech officer, Robert Duffy, to wax lyrical about their new Ryzen CPUs.

In exchange AMD are happy to enthuse about the game-changing properties of Fallout 4 VR when it finally arrives…

In a recent video on the YouTubes Duffy explains how professionally impressed they’ve been with the processor’s gaming performance in Doom and how they’re already hard at work on the successor to the id Tech 6 engine.

“We’re working on the next generation of id Tech right now, and we’re definitely going to optimise fully for Ryzen,” he explains. “The new engine tech that we’re working on is far more parallel than id Tech 6 was. We plan to really consume all the CPU Ryzen can offer.”

Considering how well-received Doom was, and especially how well its Vulkan build performed, it’s a shame that Doom is still the only game I know of actually using the id game engine. Even their own Quake Champions isn’t using it.

Duffy still doesn’t really give any hints as to when we might see the new game engine, what titles it might be powering, or if it is in fact going to be called id Tech 7, but it’s not unreasonable to expect that it’s probably a year or two out at this point.