AMD may stick to fishy names with new Radeon GPU, Navi 31

A new AMD Radeon GPU leak suggests the company's Navi 31 line-up has a fish inspired codename, a tradition that started with the firm's current gaming PC tech

AMD Radeon Navi 31: Graphics card with blue backdrop and bubbles on left

Next-gen AMD Radeon GPUs are on the horizon, and we’re learning more about the next best graphics card contender as its potential release date approaches. While various spec whispers have made their way out of the rumour mill, a new leak reveals that RDNA 3 based Navi 31 configurations may inherit RDNA 2’s fishy naming conventions.

According to Kepler on Twitter, next-gen AMD Radeon GPUs allegedly bear the codename ‘Plum Bonito’. In the culinary world, the term refers to a dish comprising dried fish flakes, soya sauce, and seaweed. Rather than having anything to do with food at team red’s HQ, the phrase is supposedly a tasty tech term that’s attached to its next-gen gaming PC ambitions.

If we know one thing, it’s that GPU companies love themed names. Nvidia continues to attach famous scientist names to the likes of its upcoming RTX 4000 series, codenamed Ada Lovelace. Providing AMD embraces its RNDA 2 fish-fueled terminology, we may see future graphics cards follow suit. That said, Kepler’s leak includes an RDNA 4 tidbit, as the insider reveals the microarchitecture might be officially known as ‘GFX1200’.

Internal names and future RDNA 4 branding aside, the leaker also says AMD’s Navi 31 will use a Gemini board. Effectively, this gives us an idea of what to expect from the Radeon RX 7900 XT, the company’s to-be flagship graphics card.

AMD will have to put up a fight for the graphics card throne, but the company’s confidence in its current-gen GPUs persists. In a recent Tweet, the chief architect of gaming solutions, Frank Azor, claimed the corporation’s RX 6000 refresh offers more fps per buck than Nvidia GeForce. You could say this marketing means nothing when you consider the immense potential specs of the RTX 4090, but the self-assurance suggests the red team is raring to go when it comes to the next-gen fight.