AMD RX 5500 leaked benchmarks tease 41% faster performance than GTX 1650

The 3DMark Time Spy figures show performance higher than GTX 1650 but below last-gen RX 590

AMD RX 5500-series GPU

Leaked benchmarks for both an Asus and Gigabyte AMD RX 5500-series graphics card have appeared online, showing performance sitting somewhere between an RX 580 and an RX 590 in the 3DMark Time Spy test.

The AMD RX 5500-series cards are set to launch soon, with the rumours being that an RX 5500 XT is getting released into the wild in the next few weeks. That’s been compounded by the fact that we’re now starting to see leaked benchmarks hitting the intermawebs… just when you’d think cards might be starting to flow out of the factories into the hands of testers.

The AMD RX 5500 has originally appeared as a pure OEM play, with pre-built machines from HP and Lenovo, and a mobile RX 5500M popping up in MSI’s Alpha 15 notebook. The DIY card release rumoured to be launching in the coming weeks is expected to have essentially the same specs as the OEM card, and will also come in both 4GB and 8GB flavours. The initial performance numbers suggested that it would outperform the old Polaris GPUs while also topping Nvidia’s low-end GTX 1650 too.

That seems to be born out by the figures leaked by classic Twitterererer TUM_APISAK, who has posted basic 3DMark figures for both Gigabyte and Asus cards. It looks like he has taken the straight ‘Graphics Score’ from the DX12-based UL benchmark, which would put it around the RX 580 and below the performance of the fastest AMD Polaris card the red team released, the RX 590.

In terms of how it stacks up against the latest competition from Nvidia that puts it around 41% faster than a GTX 1650, the $150 Turing GPU, which bears out AMD’s previous performance predictions, though puts the ~$230 GTX 1660 some 15% faster.

3DMark Time Spy
Gigabyte RX 5500 8GB 4,800
XFX RX 590 8GB 5,257
Asus GTX 1660 6GB 5,507
Asus GTX 1650 4GB 3,393

That should give us some indication of exactly where AMD is looking to price this new card – I’d expect to see these 8GB versions hitting the shelves at around the $200 mark. Any more and they’re likely to struggle against the green team’s Turing chips.

There is, however, also the fact that you can still pick up RX 590 cards for less than $200, which is potentially going to make for an uncomfortable launch time for AMD’s latest Navi 14 GPU.

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