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You can now get AMD Radeon or Nvidia GPUs for way below MSRP

AMD and Nvidia graphics card prices are still falling, and you can now grab a Radeon RX 6000 GPU and upgrade your gaming PC for 14% less than MSRP in Germany

AMD Radeon graphics card on red liquid backdrop

AMD graphics card prices are now at a new low, as a pricing update suggests you can grab a Radeon RX 6000 for 14% less than its recommended retail tag. Nvidia RTX 3000 cards are also available for 9% less than MSRP, meaning it’s cheaper than ever to upgrade your gaming PC with a current-gen GPU.

According to market analysts 3DCenterAMD Radeon and Nvidia GeForce graphics cards like the RX 6950XT and RTX 3090 Ti are available for much less than MSRP. You can pick up the former card in Germany for under €1,000, while you can snag the flagship RTX 3000 model for just under €1,400.

You can grab a variety of AMD RX 6000 GPUs for less, but entry-level and mid-range Nvidia SKUs aren’t so cheap. Options like the RTX 3060 still feature inflated price tags, which might indicate a greater demand for budget builds over premium powerhouse rigs.

Naturally, while current-gen prices are at an all-time low, it’s not exactly the best time to invest in a new GPU. AMD RDNA 3 is on the horizon, and we could see RTX 4000 cards pop up in a month’s time.

Nevertheless, the fact that GPU prices are finally below MSRP is a good sign, especially since they took so long to drop below MSRP. There’s also a chance that Nvidia’s planned RTX 4000 launch will be delayed, thanks to an apparent oversupply of RTX 3000 cards. In other words, current-gen options could still be a defacto choice for PC gamers, especially if they’re cheap and readily available.