AMD Ryzen 7000 CPU lineup may show up at Gamescom 2022

An AMD Ryzen 7000 launch event could be in store at Gamescom 2022, potentially giving us a greater look at team red's upcoming Zen 4 processors

AMD Ryzen 7000: An AMD Ryzen CPU with an orange hue overlayed against a PCB

The AMD Ryzen 7000 release date is fast approaching, and we’re expecting more official details on team red’s Zen 4 CPU lineup very soon. August 26 could prove to be a red letter day for those wanting to know more about what AM4 has in store, with the company keeping the full details of its Gamescom 2022 show under wraps for now.

While the majority of programs and guests for the AMD Gamescom 2022 show are now confirmed, two slots remain open, leaving plenty of room for a Ryzen 7000 reveal. Curiously, the stage guests for the ‘Main Act’ are currently listed as “Still Confidential”, which could be team red’s attempt at concealing the presence of Dr. Lisa Su to facilitate a surprise event.

It’s been rumoured for some time now that AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs will be available in mid-September, which lends some credence to the notion that a launch event is imminent. Whether this turns out to be a red herring or not (pun intended), it shouldn’t be long now before we see what the company’s best gaming CPU series ever is made of.

AMD Ryzen 7000: The AMD Gamescom 2022 schedule

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