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A Zen 4 AMD Ryzen 7000 CPU could boast a 5.85GHz clock speed

At least one Zen 4 AMD Ryzen 7000 processor may be able to achieve 5.85GHz clock speeds, making it the fastest CPU you can put into a gaming PC

AMD CEO Lisa Su holding a Zen 4 pre-production Ryzen 7000 CPU

Zen 4 AMD Ryzen 7000 processors launch later this year, and we already know a great deal about team red’s upcoming best gaming CPUs. However, it appears that the chip manufacturer may have a surprise or two left up its sleeve, particularly when it comes to one key spec in particular.

During its Zen 4 Computex presentation, AMD showed a pre-production Ryzen 7000 CPU running at 5.5GHz during a gameplay demo of Ghostwire: Tokyo. However, according to Angstronomics, at least one of team red’s processors could boost even further with a 5.85GHz Fmax. For those unaware, ‘Fmax’ basically describes the maximum programmed boost frequency of a processor, which is typically slightly higher than the advertised boost clock.

If true, we could be looking at a Ryzen 9 7950X running 800MHz higher than its predecessor, the Ryzen 9 5950X, making it a prime choice for any gaming PC upgrade. However, we don’t yet know how this will translate into real-world performance, let alone how these clock speeds will compare versus Intel Raptor Lake.

One thing that is certain, is that you’ll want to pair this potential superfast chip with one of the best gaming motherboards with AMD’s X670 chipset.