AMD confirms Zen 4 CPUs and RDNA 3 graphics cards are set to arrive in 2022

Intel may have a big CPU launch soon, but AMD won't be far behind

AMD Ryzen Slab

An earlier rumour that suggested AMD’s next generation of processors and GPUs will arrive in 2022 has become more certain, after AMD CEO Lisa Su laid out the company’s next steps in a recent earnings call (via The Motley Fool). Su states that the company remains “on track” to release its Zen 4 CPU and RDNA 3 GPU architectures next year.

AMD might need a prompt Zen 4 release as it faces off against rival Intel, who is expected to reveal its Alder Lake CPUs later this year. These chips are already looking like they’ll beat AMD’s current range, and by 2022, we’re expecting Intel’s 13th gen Raptor Lake processors, with yet more performance improvements.

The 2022 release window suggests that AMD’s new GPUs could release very close to Nvidia’s future RTX 40 graphics cards, which are also expected to arrive next year. Initial rumours suggest these AMD cards could deliver triple the performance of the company’s current best graphics cards, which bodes well for the 480Hz gaming monitors that we’ll see soon.

Regarding the current stock levels, Su comments: “I think overall, we continue to make progress. I will say that it’s tight, like you’ve heard from many other companies, through the end of this year. I think it improves in 2022. We’ve been planning for significant growth.”

So, finding one of these new components in stock and at retail price might be less of a problem next year.