AMD Zen 4 CPU looks like Fallout 4 junk under the hood

Images of a delidded AMD Zen 4 CPU have leaked, and its heat spreader looks kind of like scrap you'd pick up while running around in Fallout 4

AMD Zen 4 CPU looks like Fallout 4 junk: The Vault Boy mascot plays on a PC

An overclocker has cracked open an AMD Zen 4 lid, and it almost looks like Fallout 4 junk. Delidding team red’s next best gaming CPU reveals the underside of its puzzle shaped heat spreader, which gives us a glimpse at its die placement and layout.

Spotted by Techpowerup, the AMD Zen 4 chip appears to ditch the solid seal approach of current CPUs, and uses a rather chonky heat spreader. Shared images only reveal the IHS by itself, but it looks like the IOD and CCDs were both soldered to the lid. This potentially makes it easier to pop open the processor’s bonnet, but it’s unclear how much damage was actually caused in the process.

Zen 4 hasn’t officially released, so Techpowerup hasn’t revealed who actually dismantled the upcoming CPU. AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su confirmed that the processor is scheduled to arrive later this year at Computex while stating that we’d hear more in the coming months.

The Zen 4 chip’s lid might look like a piece of scrap from Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic RPG, but its design, layout, and materials no doubt serve a purpose. The sheer girth of the spreader suggests that the Ryzen 7000 CPU generates a lot of heat, and offset CCD positioning might create a need for more efficient dissipation.
Someone handles a delidded AMD Zen 4 CPUImage credit: Techpowerup

AMD’s next-gen CPUs are set to go head to head against Intel’s Raptor Lake lineup, and rumours suggest the Ryzen 7000 will pack a 5.85GHz punch. The blue team is also gearing up for future gen gaming PC processors, as Meteor Lake is set to arrive in 2023.

Featured image credit: Techpowerup