Truck Simulator’s new California adds room for a big bridge

The American Truck Simulator devs are all about the big bridges in the next part of the California rework

The Carquinez bridge in American Truck Simulator

American Truck Simulator‘s California is getting a big revamp in an incoming free update, and the devs at SCS Software have spent the past few months giving details on what the rework is going to add – and what it’s taking away. Today, it’s all about the bridges, including one that the devs have just found room to implement.

“One major addition to the California rework is the introduction of the Carquinez bridge,” the devs say in the latest blog post. “Constructed in 1958, it is an important link that connects the bay area to Sacramento and northern Cali, and one that we could not miss in adding into the rework. Previously, we had thought it would not fit due to the scale of the map. However, thanks to the hard work of the team (and the remaking an entire part of California) players will have the pleasure of driving on this essential connection of the state’s road network.”

The devs also highlight the reworked Richmond-San Rafael bridge here, which is a bit ironic, since San Rafael will no longer exist in ATS with the new California.

We don’t yet know when this update will land – or, indeed, which update this part of the California rework will be part of. The rework is coming in phases, the first of which landed in update 1.41 last year.

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