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After 25 years, one forgotten PC classic is getting a complete remake

25 years since it first arrived, a forgotten PC classic in the vein of Myst, Broken Sword, and Monkey Island is getting a complete remake.

Amerzone The Explorer's Legacy remake: An old man from adventure game Amerzone The Explorer's Legacy

Between LucasArts, Sierra Entertainment, and Revolution Software, PCs in the ‘90s were home to some of the best and most imaginative adventure games ever made. Monkey Island, Myst, Broken Sword, King’s Quest – while the narrative-driven, point-and-click might have fallen from favor in the last two decades, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone in gaming who hasn’t heard these names before. 25 years since it first arrived, one of the forgotten classics of the genre – and the entire PC platform – is about to make a return. With a full and spectacular-looking remake on the way, if you want to experience a piece of gaming history, with complete modern polish, this is one of 2024’s most surprising upcoming launches.

Amerzone: The Explorer’s Legacy is an adventure game from a bygone era – but just as worth your time today as it was in 1999. Written by French comic book creator Benoît Sokal, it follows a young journalist who arrives in South America on the trail of a mysterious and fantastical endangered species. Beloved for its atmosphere, aesthetic, and narrative, Amerzone would eventually sell more than a million copies. Like many icons of the point-and-click genre, in recent years, the game has fallen into partial obscurity. But with Broken Sword also making a comeback, thanks to a remaster and a new sequel, Amerzone, too, is set for a return.

Totally remade from the ground up, the new version of Amerzone: The Explorers legacy includes overhauled puzzle and UI design, totally new challenges and sections, and the classic, adventure narrative of the original.

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If you like the mysteries and exploration of Uncharted and the rich characterization of God of War, this is definitely one to watch. The Amerzone remake arrives in 2024, though we’re still waiting on a full release date. You can wishlist the game now however on Steam.

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