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Ex Skyrim devs reveal Finnish folklore survival game

Among the Trolls is an upcoming Finish folklore survival game from a studio of ex Skyrim developers about exploring a world of fae folk

The peaked roof of a wooden cabin can be seen over an earthen rise in the forest in Among the Trolls

An indie studio of industry veterans who have worked on RPG games like Skyrim and Fallout 4 is building a new fantasy survival game about exploring the Finnish forest and meeting the mythical creatures who call it their home. The game is Among the Trolls, and it was announced at the 505 Games Spring Showcase earlier today.

Among the Trolls casts players as either Alex or Anna, a Finnish-American in their mid-30s who has traveled to their grandparents home in rural Finland to explore their family’s roots. However, upon arrival at your grandparents’ isolated cabin, you discover that they’ve disappeared and are pulled into a world that exists beyond the boundaries of our own – where the trolls live.

The trailer provides a glimpse at the world Forbidden Studios is creating for Among the Trolls – it’s dense woodland, a place of golden sunlight breaking through the trees to briefly chase away the dark shadows. There’s an air of menace to it, too: “I asked grandmother what happens when ‘the folk’ are angry,” the narrator says. “I didn’t sleep that night.”

Here’s the full reveal trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

The developers say that while Among the Trolls has many of the familiar survival game elements like crafting and hunger management, it takes place in a world where the spirits and folkloric creatures of myth are all real – so you’ll definitely have to stay on your toes.

There’s no release date set yet for Among the Trolls, but it’ll begin its journey in Steam Early Access, where you can pop it on your wishlist now.