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Among Us devs show new map, tease Game Awards announcement

Innersloth is digging into the back catalogue for the next Among Us map

Among Us has a Twitter account now. Yeah, I know, a bit surprising that one of the most-suddenly-popular games is now months into its absurd success without a big social media presence, but here we are. The devs have kicked off the new account with a screenshot of the upcoming new map, and are teasing a more substantial announcement for The Game Awards.

The new map looks remarkably like the Toppat Airship from Innersloth’s previous project, Henry Stickmin. The devs previously revealed that this map would have a Henry Stickmin theme, and the big bubble cockpit and red exterior leave little doubt. The map is expected to be “bigger than Polus”, so expect to get extremely lost on your first few runs.

We’re going to get more info on what’s coming for Among Us at The Game Awards on December 10. The devs aren’t specific on what that announcement will be, but there’s room for all kinds of things, from a proper trailer for the new map to console releases and battle passes. That’s all pure speculation, though, so keep an eye out for more in a few weeks.

The devs have confirmed that an account system will hit Among Us by December, so it seems some big new features are on the way.

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