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Among Us PC black screen bug makes Steam multiplayer game unplayable

An Among Us PC black screen bug makes the Steam multiplayer game inaccessible, as willing Among Us imposters confront a black screen in Innersloth’s hit

Among Us PC bug makes Steam multiplayer game unplayable: An imposter stabs a fellow astronaut in Among Us

An Among Us PC black screen bug is causing chaos in the Steam multiplayer game, as budding Among Us imposters confront an immovable black screen in the Innersloth online hit, and take to the Valve forums to find a resolution as we await the Among Us 2 release date.

When starting a new game of Among Us, a bug may occur whereby the screen is completely black except for the Innersloth logo. Exiting and restarting the game does not provide a fix, nor does running the game in windowed or admin modes. For many Among Us players, the bug can prevent them from getting into a match entirely.

The Among Us black screen bug previously surfaced in October, though reports on Steam forums claim it has reappeared as of November 27. “When I start up Among Us, there’s nothing but a black screen,” one player explains. “I’ve restarted and reinstalled it but nothing worked.” “When I start the game, it’s black”, another says. “I can’t play it on Epic [Games Store] either.” Innersloth has stated that an Among Us update, released “at the end of 2022”, will resolve this issue permanently, but in the meantime has provided a possible, though relatively detailed fix. This fix will also only work on Windows.

How to fix Among Us black screen

First of all, you need to locate your Among Us save files. Go to your desktop user profile, then ‘App Data’, then ‘Local Low’. Inside should be another folder called ‘Innersloth’, and inside that, a folder marked ‘Among Us.’ This is where you will find your personal save data, which you can copy however you like.

Once your backup is secure, delete your player.amongus file. After that, right-click on the PlayerPrefs file and choose to open it using Notepad. This is where it gets tricky, so hold tight.

Do not change any of the text in this file after the first comma. If the content of the file has a name listed before the first comma, delete that name. After you have deleted the name (if your file contains no name, you can just skip to this next step), remove any spaces before the first comma, and enter a name that is different from any previous name you used; is less than ten characters; and does not contain any spaces or punctuation marks, only letters. Save that Notepad file and now try to run your game again.

If this fix did not work, you will, unfortunately, need to wait until the official patch from Innersloth. In the meantime, to prevent losing any of your player progress, delete all the files in your Among Us folder, copy your backups into the Backup folder, and then copy and paste the backups from the Backup folder into the main Among Us folder.

Hopefully, the fix should get you sneaking around and stabbing your space pals in the back again. But if you’re still struggling, you might want to try some of the other best free Steam games, or maybe some great co-op games instead. There are also some other fantastic games like Among Us, or you can revitalise your game with some wonderful Among Us mods, providing you get past the black screen.